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Johanna Kern

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Johanna Kern

Award-winning author, film director, producer & screenwriter, has extensive experience in counseling people on health and emotional problems, spirituality, family issues, relationships, death, life and career paths. She holds an honors degree in Applied Arts/Film from Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, and previously studied theatre and fine arts in Europe.

Responding to many requests, she wrote the award-winning book “Master and The Green-Eyed Hope”, a recollection of her unusual professional and spiritual life adventure, including a detailed summary of the ancient Master Teachings, adjusted for the modern Mind. The book was edited by Brian Van der Horst (journalist, author, coach, therapist listed in Who’s Who in the World since 1994, and Who’s Who in America since 2007); and it was endorsed by internationally renowned psychologists Stanley Krippner and Jerry Solfvin.

Following the success of her biographical book, and observing the enthusiastic response of the readers to her writings and teachings, Johanna Kern has designedan easy step-by-step program to improve any life situation:  as a collection of CDs and the book “365 (+1) Affirmations to Create a Great Life: Perpetual Calendar for Success, Happiness, Health & Wealth”. In her next book, “Master Teachings of HOPE” – Volume 1,  

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she shares the first installment of advanced level of the Master Teachings and shows you the examples of how to practically implement this wisdom in your own experience.

As a filmmaker, Johanna Kern is recognized for her unique directing style, and her vision that captivates broad audiences and draws exceptional professionals to her productions. She is also the co-author of the “Shadowland: The Legend” novel, based on Johanna Kern’s original story, exploring the topics of creating one’s own destiny, and the ways of dealing with personal and global Shadows.

In 2013, Johanna Kern and her husband, Patrick Kern, established a non-profit organization, Humans Of Planet Earth ASSN. (HOPE) – to support people in changing and improving their own lives, through workshops, seminars, events, conferences, classes, art, video & film projects and festivals, exhibitions, fairs, and shows.

“Life is a journey. Its distance is measured by the beauty of your Heart.”

Johanna Kern

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“Master and the Green-Eyed Hope” - what the experts say

  • Reminiscent of the Castaneda books. Ms. Kern writes exceptionally well and tells her story in an engaging, reader-friendly style. The Master could have an existence apart from his visits to Ms. Kern, and other people might be able to contact him as well because he represents what Jung called the “collective unconscious.” Master and The Green-Eyed Hope, I feel, will truly contribute to human well-being.

    Stanley Krippner PhD Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Saybrook University; former President of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, the Parapsychological Association and the Association for the Study of Dreams,
  • Like The Urantia Book and A Course in Miracles tomes. Johanna’s story is especially valuable and interesting because it records and illustrates the development of an individual through time—a sort of answer to the perennial “What’s it worth?” question. It is a very well-written, enjoyable book that places it above the general order of this genre of work.

    Brian Van der Horst Brian Van der Horst, author, journalist, therapist and management consultant; Chief Facilitator, Europe, for Ken Wilber's Integral Institute,
  • Like Castaneda, the author ventures into the hinter world, comes back whole, and offers a detailed report that makes the rest of us feel as if we’ve been there too. I believe there’s a large audience for this thoroughly grounded, highly intelligent journey, with its complex system of symbols and metaphors, and rich blend of characters from several worlds.

    Jerry Solfvin PhD Jerry Solfvin, PhD., Professor at Center for Indic Studies, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; former Senior Research Associate at Psychical Research Foundation at Duke,