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Johanna Kern, transformational teacher, filmmaker and multiple award-winning author (“Master and the Green-Eyed Hope”, “Secrets of Love for Everyone”, “365 (+1) Affirmations to Create a Great Life, “Master Teachings of HOPE”, etc.). 

She practices and shares the Master Teachings of HOPE, helping people to find their own power and progress in all areas of life. 

Many years ago, she suddenly began to experience regular spontaneous trances in which she was receiving the Teachings from an ancient Master. Her story received international attention, winning praise by readers in North America and Europe, and endorsement by three world-renowned experts in the fields of psychology, the study of dreams & hypnosis, psychophysiology, parapsychology, psi, human development, neuro-computing etc.: Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Jerry Solfvin, Ph.D., and Brian Van der Horst. For more information visit: AND