I am sharing with you here the wisdom of the ancient Masters, whose teachings have been adapted to our modern lifestyle and way of thinking. The Master Teachings explained our "reality" thousands of years ago, long before modern science, which is only now, in the last hundred years, slowly discovering the truths taught by the old Masters. They also provided us with simple and effective tools to enjoy a truly beautiful life – one that is fully conscious, joyful, prosperous, successful, healthy and genuinely happy – allowing us to contribute to the well-being and welfare of those we care about: our loved ones, our family, neighborhood, town/village or the whole world, if we so desire. Nothing can limit our dreams, whatever they are. Nothing can stop us from fulfilling them, but our own limitations. We have been born to be all we can be, in health, happiness and joy.
16 Mar

“S” like SUCCESS

The Alphabet of Life Wisdom:  “S” like Success: – Self-respect – Self-efficacy – Satisfaction   Self-respect: Have you ever experienced a sudden turn for the worse in your life...

02 Mar


The Alphabet of Life Wisdom:  “H” like Happiness: – Happy Body – Happy Mind – Happy Life Happiness and success. Happiness and good health. Happiness and beauty. Happiness and...

22 Feb

INTERVIEW WITH JOHANNA KERN – ONET: the largest web portal in Poland (English translation)

This interview with Johanna Kern was recently published by “Onet” – which is the largest Polish web portal – over 4 million unique viewers per month. ENGLISH TRANSLATION:  December...

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