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Demystifying Life: how to live it, love it and have it:

The Big 7 in your life – Part 6. You and Your Vision of The World.

The way we perceive the world around us has a large impact on how we live our lives. It is deeply rooted in the way we have been programmed, or have programmed ourselves, based on our experiences, beliefs, and – before all – what resonates with who we have become thus far.

For some of us – the world is a place existing on its own, in which we have no say and can’t control it in any way. Some perceive the world as a place which is hostile, full of the “others” whom they need to fight, or avoid, always ready to attack or defend themselves. For others the world is a place that serves their Ego, where they can fulfill their needs, whether materially or emotionally. There are people who see the world as oneness, where everything is purposeful. Yet others, see it as a big unknown, where anything is possible.

Your Vision of the World is reflected in the way you live: does your life happen to you, against you, despite you, for you or with you?

Whichever answer you find within – it will tell you where you are at this moment. That’s all. There is no right or wrong in any of these. It is only the reflection of who you presently are. It will also tell you whether what you think of the world is in accordance with your deeper, inner Truth. If how you live your life maintains your happiness, if there is nothing you need to change to feel fulfilled in life, then your life and the Vision of Your Heart are in tune.

For the purpose of this teaching, we use the word “Heart” to describe the core of your essence, your “pure inner person”. The part of you where you hold your Own, Beautiful Truth, free of any conditioning and fears. (You can find out more about it in Part 3 of this series, titled “Your Heart and its Vision”).

Most of us agree that we live in a material world. We are sure of the existence of the material world, because we can experience it through our senses. Many of us also agree that there is a spiritual world. We believe in the spiritual world, because we can perceive it through our intuition, belief system, logic, or the so-called “sixth sense”.

In other words: we agree to what we experience or perceive. Doesn’t matter whether it is physical or not – as long as we either experience or perceive something, we agree to its existence in some way.

It used to be that (the old school) science would confirm the existence of the material, and question the existence of the spiritual, labeling it as “illusion”. Nowadays, science (especially quantum physics) considers the material as nothing but an illusion, stating that it is our senses and brain that interpret the illusion, and make us “believe” its actual existence.

No matter whether we agree with the old, materialistic science, or with the modern, more holistic science – we can compare the way we direct our lives to some political systems:

For instance to Dictatorship: some people apply it in relation to others – forcefully pushing their rules and opinions on them. Republic: some people either give in to current trends/belief systems, or are trying to impose their current beliefs on others. Democracy: submitting to, and living according to beliefs that are propagated by the majority of our environment. And how about Monarchy: taking full responsibility for our own lives. Only we decide about our fate.

It is not difficult to guess that when it comes to a whole society, the outcome of existing political systems differs from what happens if we apply the same system to our own, individual life. Yes, we can see that if we let others tell us what to do with our lives – it will probably serve them better than us.

We can see clearly, that when it comes to our own life – the more we can decide our fate, the more it benefits our happiness.

We need to become Kings and Queens of our own lives. We can do it. We can do anything that we want.

Our life is our own journey. It belongs to us, and comes from us. WE ARE the Kings and Queens of our lives.
Remember that. Each moment of every day.

To learn more about the way our perception of the world impacts what we are able to do in the world, for others and ourselves – you might want to read chapter 13 in “Master and the Green-Eyed Hope” book, titled “Flights of Perception”.

I wish you a wonderful day, in your wonderful world. Enjoy it, in any way YOU wish.



Real story, written in a novel-like style



The Introduction and Chapter One of the award-winning book “Master And The Green-Eyed Hope”  – recorded by the author!

It is the longest chapter in the book, consisting of 3 parts.


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