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Negative people can drain your energy and spoil your joy of life.

Some people advise to simply avoid them – but it’s not always possible because sometimes such persons are our own relatives or coworkers. 

When you first converse with them provide a listening ear and let them know they are not alone – but draw a line somewhere. However, if they continue to dwell on problems after a few conversations, it is time to disengage. Switch topics, don’t engage in their negativity. Nod or give simple reply such as “Hm” or “I see”. Each time they say something positive – reply enthusiastically – when you do it often, they will soon be more positive in their communication.

Whenever they criticize anything or anybody – remember that they probably mean no harm, but they are simply caught in their negativity.

Don’t let it get to you: simply take it as their point of view and respond as above.

When they dwell on topics that trigger their negativity – switch to lighter topics, such as new songs, movies, hobbies – anything that they may feel more positive about.


Their negativity will have an effect on your own wellbeing and, unfortunately, that’s the truth. Limit the frequency, duration of phone calls or conversations as much as you can, even if they are your own family. You need to stay positive in life, to live a happy life.

Set a limit to how long your interaction with them will be and don’t go over that time.

Also important to remember:

Negative people usually are that way because they feel they lack warmth and love. Often, they protect themselves from the world with their negativity. If you want to help them, think about what’s bothering them and decide if there is anything you can do. Kindness, acceptance and showing them that you care and/or love them – will make miracles over time.

We can never react to the negativity of our family, spouse, or a friend with our own negativity – that will not solve the problem.  What you need, is to be diplomatic, compassionate and very patient. It sounds hard to do, but it can be done, if you really, really want to improve your relationship with a negative person that you care about.

Be sincere, and show them the upsides in life.

Over time, small steps toward positive outlook on life may help them overcome their negativity. However, if everything fails and if nothing you do works – you need to take care of yourself and stop trying. Don’t consider it a failure. Consider it the time when you learned your own strength and had an insight into how easy it is to spoil our own happiness.

Indeed, life is to precious to be wasted on negativity.

Remember that someone’s negative behavior is not a reflection of who you are. It only shows you what kind of person they are and what issues they may be dealing with.

Stay strong. Good luck!

Useful Affirmation:

“I clearly define what limits me: is it my environment? The way I was brought up? The way others influence what I think or do? I will no longer let others control my life with their negative opinions or actions. I will ‘get out of the box’ and find my own Power.” – From the award-winning book “365 (+1) Affirmations to Create a Great Life” by Johanna Kern.

And before all:

Relax. All is good. All is just the way it is supposed to be. 


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