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“B” like BODY

– Beauty

– Beliefs

– Blossoming

1. Beauty

When we are born – the first thing we notice is our Body. It breathes, it moves – it works for us 24/7. Our Body is our most loyal friend. It loves us, it works for us, and supports us in our growth. If our Body fails us in any way, it is never its fault.

Each of us is unique, one in billions. Every Body, regardless of its shape, weight, color or age – is beautiful, in its own unique way. Yes, all of us have a preference for what we like the most. However, please keep in mind: these are ONLY preferences. And our preferences are mostly associated with current trends, or the way we have been programmed by our environment.

Preferences, just as trends, often change.

Nowadays, current trends are dictated by the fact that many corporations try to sell their products (pills for weight loss, cosmetic surgery, diets, programs etc.) The media and the fashion magazines reinforce such trends, imprinting them into our subconscious. Unfortunately, a lot of people, mainly women, buy such artificially induced fashions as the truth about their Bodies and lose their self-esteem, believing that there is something wrong with them.

While current fashions push the overly skinny image on society – not everyone is naturally slim.

  • If we take a look at other animals in nature (we humans are animals as well) – we realize that they perceive ALL Bodies as equally precious.

Imagine the reaction of a Bulldog – if you told him that he was too fat. Or picture a Greyhound’s response, if you told him he’s too skinny. If you told a Chihuahua dog that he’s too short, or a Great Dane that he’s too tall – they’d probably roar from laughter for a week straight!

  • Our Bodies often become rounder because of their nature. There is nothing to correct, all is the way it is supposed to be. On the other hand, if we become overweight or overly skinny because of neglecting our health – that of course needs to be addressed.

Our Bodies love life, and want us to love life. They are happy, when we are happy. They help us to fulfill our dreams, achieve success and fill our life with happiness. And, if we become ill – hey, that’s not a reason to stop loving our Bodies, denying ourselves the joy of life. Just as we love our dearest friends, no matter how they look, or how they feel – healthy or ill – let’s love our Bodies in sickness as well.

When we treat our Body in a caring, loving way, it will gain only as much weight as it is natural for its life cycles, it will stay in a good shape and it will age in a graceful, natural way.

EVERY BODY is beautiful. Skinny, round, tall, short, young, old – healthy or not. It is important to remember that.

2. Beliefs

  • What we think and say deeply affects not only how we physically feel, but also how we look.

It may or may not be a surprise to you, but our Body believes what we say. However we perceive ourselves in terms of your health, strength, endurance or beauty – becomes the reality for our Body.

  • The ancient cultures knew that, and developed a whole system of symbols to affect their subconscious, and to create the reality they wanted.

  • Now modern science is slowly catching up with the ancient wisdom, in the last hundred years or so, and confirms the intelligence of the cells in our body, and how we are able to communicate with them with our Minds. Many scientists show us how our thoughts can cause specific molecular changes in our genes.

According to our perception, our gene activity can significantly change.

  • However, the most effective way to mold our Body to our needs is to change our subconscious beliefs. Our subconscious overrides what we consciously think of ourselves, therefore it is so important to get down to the bottom of our subconscious programming.

Yes, it can be done. For centuries, successful and influential people have been using tools that have brought them extraordinary results. Using effective subconscious programming, many ordinary people have turned illness into health, failure into success, unhappiness into the joy of living.

  • You can help your well-being and shape your Body through your subconscious Mind, instead of obsessive dieting, or compulsive exercising.

The most important thing we need to enjoy and love our naturally beautiful and healthy Body – is to change our subconscious beliefs about ourselves.

Remember, your subconscious works with you, or against you. But it always works, whether you are aware of it or not. Our subconscious rules 90% of our thinking and behavior. It is responsible for our habits, emotions, automatic reactions, defensive mechanisms etc. The good news is that there are tools that can help you change your subconscious programming. 

3. Blossoming

In order to enjoy a healthy, naturally beautiful and youthful Body – we need to first learn how to accept and love our Body just the way it is.

  • Your Body believes what you say. If you treat it with resentment, or even hate it, your Body will believe that it is not good enough, not beautiful enough, not young or healthy enough.

Whatever you say to your Body – becomes its reality. And of course – YOUR reality. Yes, that is exactly how it works.

  • Your Body listens to what you say, and takes it as your wish. If you criticize it, feed it with nasty remarks, neglect it and don’t appreciate it – it reacts accordingly. It becomes sluggish, unhappy, overweight or too skinny, it ages too quickly or develops various illnesses. One can say: your Body becomes unhappy and gives up on the joy of life.

It is important to treat our Body as our best friend: offer it gifts, such as vitamins, natural supplements, healthy, nourishing food, fresh air, proper exercise, clothes or jewelry that you find attractive – anything that makes us happy, then our Body thrives and glows with happiness.

Feeling attractive and beautiful, our Body naturally becomes attractive and beautiful.

It is not easy for most of us to make that first step. But the rewards are enormous: health, youthfulness and beauty. Wouldn’t we want that for ourselves?

  • To let our Body fully blossom, it is important it is to rejoice in the simple pleasures of life. All of nature expresses its joy of living, one way or another. When we observe nature, we notice how playful birds and animals are, how the vegetation is thriving. When we rekindle our own joy, our Body becomes healthier, stronger, thriving and glowing with happiness.

We can help our Body to maintain its youthfulness and health with simple activities, such as taking longer walks in nature, playing with your kids, running fast with your dog, or simply: taking a break from your work, turning on your favorite music and dancing for a good 5 minutes until you feel that your mood is being elevated due to the rising of the serotonin levels. Remember: excessive exercising does not raise the serotonin levels. You need to vigorously do your favorite activity (dancing, running, biking etc.) only for 5 to 10 minutes to achieve that. Excessive exercising instead makes you feel exhausted – it is used for different purposes, like building muscle tissue.

  • Promise yourself to love your Body during all its natural cycles and trust its inner wisdom. It will never become seriously ill, out of shape, too skinny or too fat – if you treat it with love and respect.

Treat your Body with Love, and it will repay you with Love. It will thrive and express its gratitude to you. It will become healthier and fitter, and it will change its shape in a happy, natural way.

Your Body will surprise and astonish you with its natural and real beauty.

Tools You Can Use:

A series of  MP3s to help you keep your Body in excellent shape: maintaining good health, appropriate weight, youthfulness and overall well-being.  

  • In the tracks of the MP3s, there are included some of the highly effective tools of the ancient Masters, such as messages and frequencies affecting your subconscious and pineal gland, subliminal messages helping you to dissolve your patterns, reprogramming your subconscious for health, appropriate weight and youthful Body – AND the Solfeggio frequencies, which have been used for thousands of years, from overtone chanting from Central Asia, through Tibetan to Gregorian chants, among others.

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Useful Affirmation:

“I learn to love my Body the way it is. I choose not to criticize my Body in any way. Instead, I choose to support its health and well-being. I promise myself to find the best, healthy ways of treating my dear Body. My Body deserves the best.” – From the award-winning book“365 (+1) Affirmations to Create a Great Life” by Johanna Kern.

About the Author

Johanna Kern, transformational teacher and multiple award-winning author (“Master and the Green-Eyed Hope”, “The Birth of a Soul”, “Inner Shadow Transformation – The Banner Method”“Master Teachings of HOPE”, “365 (+ 1), Affirmations to Have a Great Life”, “Secrets of Love for Everyone”, Shadowland: The Legend), many years ago suddenly began to experience regular spontaneous trances in which she found herself in an ancient temple, where she was receiving the Teachings Of Hope from an ancient Master.

The Teachings Of Hope gave her answers to the most important questions occupying human minds for centuries and a new look at all that we hold as sacred – ourselves, our origins and purpose:

From what is the meaning of our existence, to how to achieve true Happiness, Success, Power, Abundance and Freedom from all limitations. From how our thoughts function in the field of energy that we all are a part of, to what is the meaning and nature of life, matter, spirit – and what really is the Wheel of Creation.

She shares her knowledge and helps people to find their own power and progress in all areas of their lives. Her books and audio recordings are available on this site, as well as on Amazon and other major online retailers around the world – in English, German and Polish languages.