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Many of us live a life that does not fulfill our deepest need to have it completely the way our Heart desires.

Instead, we tend to settle for less, following the footsteps of those who, before us, also settled for less – believing that “that’s the way it is”.

Can we fully agree, deep down in our Heart, that not having the life we truly want is the way it has to be?

Our life is our own journey. Only we can decide which route we want to choose, what we want to experience, where and in whose company we want to arrive.

If we don’t live to your full potential, if we find excuses and want to play it safe instead of following our Heart and building your life according to what it says to us– chances are that our life is driven by The Fear of Change.

Whether we move to a new home, start a new job, begin or end a relationship – the Fear of Change is there, thriving and happy to stop us in our tracks. Oh yes, it will do it, if we only let it. It will give us 100 reasons why we should stay put where we are: no matter whether it’s peaceful or disruptive, or an abusive environment.

The Fear of Change will try to convince us that the “old devil” is better than the “new devil” – since we already know how to deal with it.

As long as we let it persist, we won’t be able to find the courage, take the risk and open ourselves up to the opportunities that are coming our way.

Yet it can be done.

As a matter of fact, it has been done by many others that you might admire and even envy their successful and happy lives. If it has been done, it means you can do it too.

How to overcome The Fear of Change:

  • Step 1: Notice and accept the fact that our life consists of a stream of changes, with or without our consent. No matter what we do, or don’t do, life always brings us changes anyway – and that is actually the ONLY constant thing in life. CHANGE IS A CONSTANT THING IN LIFE.

  • Step 2: Notice and accept the fact that there is nothing certain about any situation. There are no guarantees of any kind: what seems to be one thing today, tomorrow might be an entirely different thing. Yes, that’s the truth: nothing is ever for sure in life. But it’s actually normal. It’s just life.

  • Step 3: Look at your own situation: why do you think you have gotten used to the way it is?

Here is what many of us don’t realize:

Once we know how to survive in any given circumstances – we feel reassured that we know how to function in such an environment. That certainty becomes our “habitual safety”, and so we tend to settle for that safety. One can get used to a storm, and find in it a “habitual safety”.

People may re-create the same old experience in brand new situations. No matter whether it is easy or difficult, peaceful or disruptive, loving or an abusive environment. In any new circumstances or surroundings, our mind tends to recreate our experience of the past. And so many of us can become stuck in what doesn’t support our well-being. That’s a fact. It is important to remember that “habitual safety” is only a creation of our mind.

Many of us are often stuck in situations that do not support our well-being. That’s a fact.

Remember: “habitual safety” is only a creation of our mind.


  • Step 4: Realize that your Fear of Change & Uncertainty is stopping you from fully, and happily, experiencing your life:

Fear of Change & Uncertainty = fear of life

Fear of life = wasting opportunities

Wasting opportunities = wasting your potential

Wasting your potential = lack of happiness

Lack of happiness = lack of joy of life

Lack of joy of life = lack of fulfillment/success

*Life minus Fear of Change & Uncertainty = happiness/fulfillment/success

  • Step 5: Get off your “safety cushion” and step into your life with courage and trust. Your life is not your enemy. Your life is your loyal friend. Acknowledge it. Appreciate it. Live it. 

Your are worth living the most wonderful life.

You have nothing to lose, except your Fear of Change.

REMEMBER ALSO: OUR SUBCONSCIOUS rules 90% of our thinking and behavior. It is responsible for our habits, emotions, automatic reactions, defensive mechanisms etc., which may keep you stuck in unwanted situations in life. You can reprogram your subconscious and get rid of the negative patterns stopping you from Living The Life You Want. 

Useful Affirmation:

“I let go of my worries. I know life will support me, if I fully embrace my own worth. I am a unique human being, one in billions, with my own story to tell in this life. I let my story unfold without fear of the future. I trust my own process. I trust that all is happening for my best.” – From the award-winning book “365 (+1) Affirmations to Create a Great Life” by Johanna Kern.  

Johanna Kern, multiple award-winning author and transformational teacher, has extensive experience in counseling people on life and career paths, spirituality, health and emotional problems, relationships and family issues.

Drawing from her experience and knowledge from over 20 years as a successful professional and counsellor, she has designed a special program included in her award-winning book “365 (+1) Affirmations to Create a Great Life”: an easy step-by-step method for overcoming subconscious programming and improving any life situation.

She recorded also a series of MP3s and CDs to be listened to in a state of deep relaxation, while she is guiding the listeners through the process of reprogramming their subconscious.

These or similar tools are very effective and you can find what will suit your preferences and needs. 


Real story, written in a novel-like style



The Introduction and Chapter One of the award-winning book “Master And The Green-Eyed Hope”  – recorded by the author!

It is the longest chapter in the book, consisting of 3 parts.


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