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Self-healing Process: for our Life, Body, Emotions and Mind

How to think positively without our subconscious negative programming getting in our way:

It is very important to understand that while we are consciously, intellectually working on changing our thought pattern, our subconscious may not accept at all what we are trying to tell ourselves and override our self-healing process.

That’s why reading self-help books and learning the idea of positive thinking – on its own is not enough.

Many people who have tried some self-help seminars or read self-help books have been disappointed with them.

A good instructor should tell you that your subconscious negative programming often takes over – however, if that didn’t happen – you still haven’t wasted your time.  Every single experience we go through is important for our development and for gaining life wisdom.

What really makes the difference:

We already know that our negativity creates and attracts more negativity in our life. What we focus on grows. It is easy to imagine it this way: when you water and care for a plant – it flourishes, and blooms. If you neglect it, it will wither away. The same goes for anything else. When something doesn’t work the way you want it – it is better to think: “There might be a better, more appropriate way for me, and I will find it if I put my attention to it.”

Note that we tend to quickly assess people or circumstances, based on our previous experiences – but such judgments may be wrong. As long as we keep an open mind and IF our subconscious doesn’t get in our way – we can indeed change our situation through positive thinking.

However, when we attempt to make changes in our life and our habitual thinking, we REALLY need to pay attention to our subconscious programming. It is because until we learn how to live and think consciously – that is in agreement with our pure inner being, free from our conditioning and limitations (we call it our “Heart” in the Master Teachings of HOPE) – our life is ruled by our subconscious:

That’s why the first thing we need to do is to re-program our subconscious, so that it will not reject our positive thinking. Otherwise, while we are thinking positive thoughts, our subconscious cancels them and continues its usual work.

What happens when we let our negative subconscious programming control our life? To put it simply: we sabotage our own happiness in many different ways (our success, finances, our dreams, relationships, love life, etc. See: Shadows In Our Subconscious: Individual & Collective – And What We Can Do About Them.)

How to think positively without our negatively programmed subconscious overriding our positive thoughts:

  • When we are used to negative thinking, we need to remember that when we affirm something that is different than what we subconsciously think/believe about ourselves – our subconscious will reject it. It is because due to its programming, it perceives anything that is not in agreement with that programming as pure nonsense.

It will, for instance, reject such a statement: “I have a million dollars in my bank account” when we don’t have enough money to pay our bills – since it does not agree with what our subconscious knows about our financial situation.

  • What we affirm must be in line with our vision of ourselves, our vision of the world, and the vision of our “Heart” (our inner being, the essence of who we are, and who we really want to become.)

Any positive statements such as “I am healthy” when we are ill, or “I am rich” when we barely can pay our bills are, in fact, ineffective. And this is something that you might have not known when you were trying and failing while practicing some self-help exercises. 

When we practice positive statements, such as affirmations – we need to practice them step-by-step.

We should begin by changing our beliefs about ourselves:

  •  It is good to recognize first that we truly are worthy of having a better life, that we really deserve a better fate.

We need to realize that every human being on this planet – just as each plant and animal or any other living creature – is absolutely unique. It is important for us to acknowledge our uniqueness, and the fact that we can decide about our own life and contribute to the lives of others. Then we can slowly start changing our habitual thinking by affirming for example:

“I now know that life can bring me all that is good for me. I am ready for better and better days.”

* Such a statement will be in agreement with what our subconscious has already accepted when we acknowledged our uniqueness and our right to a better life.

  •  It is very important to remember that when we are experiencing a hard, painful, or dramatic situation – we shouldn’t try to convince ourselves that everything is peachy and perfect as our subconscious will laugh at it, and reject such thinking. But we can always say what is true in a way that will be helpful in our situation.

When you want to recover from illness you may say:

“There are moments when I feel good and I’m awaiting more of such moments.”

And then after that, you can say: “I feel better and better. I believe I might recover.”

And then the next statement: “I am happy to see my gradual recovery.”

When you want to achieve success:

  • You can’t start by repeating straight away: “I am successful” when your subconscious knows otherwise. It will reject such a thought immediately.

  • You’d better start from a statement like this: “I can acquire more and more useful skills. I believe I can find my dream job and be appreciated.”And so on.

Of course, we cannot just repeat such statements and do nothing about our situations. We should indeed work on acquiring more skills and, while developing our positive thinking – continue with our professional development as well.

Practicing positive thinking that is in agreement with our subconscious – causes gradual transformation of our internal beliefs.

That way we can replace our self-sabotaging subconscious negative programming with one that is positive and beneficial for us. 

Here is how it works:

  • Our brain is built from neurons, among other things, and these neurons communicate with one another. Each of our thoughts invokes an emotion, which causes the production of a chemical substance, to which neurons in turn react.

  • When we think new positive thoughts, we begin to produce different chemical substances and new neural pathways in our brains are created. Just as we start creating a new shortcut through a field or a lawn, using a new and more comfortable path. The more we use this new path, the deeper and more visible it becomes. In the same way, the neural pathways created in our brain, become a part of our life.

For such a process to be effective, we need approximately six weeks. That is exactly the time needed for new neural pathways to be created and the old ones to disappear. But to fully change our lifestyle and completely free ourselves from negative thinking, we need at least six months to let the new neural pathways become permanent.

Remember also that affirming should be done thoroughly.

If we affirm for a few minutes in the morning and then we perpetuate negative thoughts all day long, it’s obvious that the volume of these thoughts will override the few positive ones.

Some people believe that affirmations should be repeated over and over again. It is not necessary.

It is best to use affirmations at an appropriate moment.

For example: If we affirm a money inflow, it is not good to do it when we have no money at all. Best to wait for a moment when we are, for instance, buying something we have desired, even it is something inexpensive.

  •  It is good to say then in our thoughts when we are buying something and getting some change: “I am happy that I have more than I need to buy what I want.” It is an excellent time to affirm money inflow since our subconscious will agree with what we are saying. We should always use such opportunities.

Another important thing is to try invoking some positive feelings, while affirming.

  •  An affirmation works best when our brain, and our subconscious, associate the positive statement with positive emotions, such as pleasure, relaxation, or satisfaction.

  •  When we don’t feel well, we shouldn’t try to affirm anything positive, instead, it is best to release the negative emotions, and allow ourselves to be sad, to cry.

It is pointless to say: “Everything is great” when we are sad. It is better to say in such moments: “I choose to feel better and better.”

The statement “I choose” is a very powerful affirmation in itself.

As we choose something, and keep repeating our intention, it will gradually happen. At a certain point, new neural pathways will be created in our brain.

  •  Remember that our affirmations work not only when we invoke positive emotions but also when we feel pleasure. Beautiful landscapes, scents, a walk in the park or in the woods, along a seashore, views of the mountains, etc. All of that is really helpful. What is interesting is that nature strengthens our positive thinking to a great extent –because our brain associates landscape and nature with the so-called alpha brainwaves, which are found to be very helpful in effective learning.

Positive thinking, as any other thinking, is simply a result of our practice.

First, we need to become conscious of how and when to think positively, then it becomes our habit, and later our habit becomes our lifestyle.

NOTE: The above article is based on an excerpt from one of the weekly radio shows “The Life You Want is Yours – with Johanna Kern”, aired every Sunday on the British Islanders Radio.

Listen to the whole show in the Archives (3rd Show: JANUARY 24, 2016):

January 2016 Archives


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