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In this section we are providing you with tools to help you learn the real power of your thoughts and change your reality according to your own Truth.

For centuries, various institutions and people have usurped the right to rule our lives and fate, telling us how to live in order to stay safe and happy. And we know where they have led us: unhappiness, an economy that “feeds” the ambitions and greed of those who take advantage of the rest, a civilization that heads toward self-destruction, an exhausted and ill planet.

Our reality can be changed in the blink of an eye. Modern science confirms what the Ancient Masters tell us about changing reality with the frequency of our thoughts. (Think of Einstein, Tesla, quantum mechanics, nanotechnology etc.)

Our thoughts ARE actions. Our lack of understanding that we are able to change things to the way we want them to be – IS action.

The Master Teachings of HOPE are meant to expand our consciousness and help us evolve to our full potential. They are not meant to change who you are, or change your belief system – no matter whether you come from a scientific, atheist or any religious background.

It isn’t our purpose to tell you what kind of religion or philosophical belief is best for you. The Master Teachings of HOPE treasure and respect all beliefs equally.

You, as the consciousness that you are, have a choice of how you want to be, and who you want to become. That choice has been given to you at the very beginning by the whole Design, of which you are a part.

Soon technology will provide humans with all we need: 3D printers are already available, labs producing real leather will soon lead to labs producing real food, vehicles, houses, etc. Money will disappear, not needed, not wanted anymore. What will be our next currency when all the money is gone? What will happen when everyone can have everything they want, at any time they want? The technological progress has preceded any other progress on our planet: we will not go from ‘I want lots of money’ to ‘let’s unite and be happy together’ in one step. The next stage of human development is already around the corner.

The next currency is becoming obvious: Power. It’s always been about Power after all, and money was only the means to get it.

What does Power mean to you?

Is it control, freedom to do what we want, influence on others, glamour, money, fame, high social status? Or perhaps you see Power as reassurance of your eternal and better existence – some day – after you die?

For some people, having Power means that you can decide the lives and the fate of others, and the fate of our planet. Thus far one could obtain such Power through threatening people’s survival, through giving them financial rewards, bribing or killing. With money gone, that too will be gone. The “Paper Power” will have to be replaced by Real Power – and humanity will have to learn what Real Power actually means.

When we are looking for Power coming from our conditioning – whether social, religious, or shaped by personal feelings of worthlessness, we actually diminish our True powerful selves.

“Paper Power” is nothing but illusion. Whole societies have been manipulated into participating in this kind of illusion and obeying the systems that serve only a few.

These are the most common illusory kinds of “Paper Power” perpetuated on our planet by generation after generation:

Idolatrous Illusory Power – indoctrinating, brainwashing and imprinting fear into people’s subconscious. Manipulating them via proclaiming divinity symbols/ideals and creating a set of rules inducing fear, in order to limit peoples’ freedom to think for themselves and progress to their full potential. It is easier to take advantage of people who don’t think for themselves and are afraid.

Intrinsic Illusory Power – claiming the right to be superior to others, self-proclaiming as a better/chosen/special being who can “rightly” take advantage of/benefit from/oppress others.

Virtual Illusory Power – using manipulation, deception, disempowerment, dumbing people down and enforcing rules and regulations to be obeyed which in the end benefit mostly the “money elite” – while creating an illusion of protecting/governing power, and giving people the false idea of having a choice over its election, qualities and actions.

The truth is that we do have a choice: we alone define our own Power and our limitations. It has always been our choice.

Whether we believe it or not – what we think, we become. No other Power in the world has as profound an effect on our life journey as the Power of our own thoughts.

There are 7 Powers, 7 aspects to our existence. They can be observed externally as energies creating the world we live in, and as the internal processes we all go through during our Evolution. They affect us, and our experience, at any given time – whether we are aware of it or not. By understanding how the creation works, we have a chance to free ourselves from the vicious circle of creating and co-creating our personal and global suffering.

This knowledge was given to us 9000 years ago. It has been altered since then, and fractured by some who wanted to reap its benefits only for themselves. You might even recognize some bits of the Master Teachings of HOPE that “leaked out” to be found in various philosophical or religious beliefs, in many forms or myths.

The Master Teachings of HOPE  in their pure form, are complete and precise.

As we are living in times when much that we have built our world on is quickly falling apart – I believe it is time for us to find out who we truly are, and who we truly can become, wholly fulfilling our enormous potential.

Tools You Can Use:


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“H” like HAPPINESS: Happy Mind, Happy Body & Happy Life:


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Books & CDs:

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