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HUMANS OF PLANET EARTH Assn. (H.O.P.E)Humans Of Planet Earth Assn. non-profit founded by Johanna Kern filmmaker award-winning author counselor

hope-_blue-steel-logo-oval-larger– a non-profit organization, registered in the province of Ontario, Canada. It was founded in January 2013 by Johanna Kern and her husband, Patrick Kern.

Johanna Kern, founder, award-winning author, transformational teacher,  filmmaker

Since then, it has become an association of people whose major goal is to promote and provide tools for humans allowing them to prosper in all aspects of life:

– To develop and maintain a successful, meaningful life

– To progress to their highest potential

– To create good fortune and personal abundance

– To thrive spiritually, physically, intellectually and emotionally

– To live in full experience of being, doing and having it all 

Purpose: to promote and provide social, economic, spiritual and educational welfare to humans through workshops, events, seminars, conferences, classes, art, books, audio/video recordings, film projects and festivals, exhibitions, fairs, and shows.


Information about workshops, weekend seminars, conferences and sessions for individuals, companies and organizations:


Contact Johanna Kern and Patrick Kern:


Contact in Poland: representative for H.O.P.E. Assn. Anna Mlodawska, a sworn English-Polish translator specializing in law, former lecturer at the University of Warsaw, website:  http://transkrypt.plhttp://legalenglishexpert.pl/


Patrick Kern, counselor, co-founder of Humans Of Planet Earth Assn.

Anna Mlodawska, representative in Poland for Humans Of Planet Earth Assn.

Patrick Kern, counsellor, co-founder of Humans Of Planet Earth Assn.