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I enjoy recording some of the topics that I share with my audience, since the audio/video lessons have a different impact on the receivers than the written material. I like sharing the wisdom of the ancient Masters, whose teachings I have adapted to our modern lifestyle and way of thinking.

What was known to the old Masters thousands of years ago, is now being confirmed by scientists: think of Einstein, Tesla, Quantum Mechanics, Celestial Mechanics (astrodynamics), Nanotechnology etc.

  • The Master Teachings provide us with simple and effective tools to enjoy a truly beautiful life – one that is fully conscious, joyful, prosperous, successful, healthy and genuinely happy. 

As a filmmaker I’m interested in topics that reflect the human journey to self-understanding, self-improvement and freedom from old patterns and limitations. When I am writing a screenplay, I let the characters tell me their story and watch them as they evolve, and find their own way to a satisfying resolution. I don’t invent the characters or the story. I let it unfold in front of me, and I feel honored that I am allowed to witness firsthand the story of somebody’s life.