Recordings are my passion. Visual and audio recordings have a different impact on the receivers than the written material. I like sharing with the viewers and listeners the wisdom of the ancient Masters, The Teachings of Hope, which give us powerful knowledge about life, the designs of the Universe, our powers and our purpose.

They provide us with simple and effective tools to enjoy a truly beautiful life – one that is fully conscious, joyful, prosperous, successful, healthy and genuinely happy. 

  • What was known to the old Masters thousands of years ago, is now being confirmed by scientists: think of Einstein, Tesla, Quantum Mechanics, Celestial Mechanics (astrodynamics), Nanotechnology etc. We are living in times when old wisdom begins to come to the surface and is appreciated by many modern thinkers.

As a filmmaker I’m interested in topics that reflect the human journey to self-understanding, self-improvement and freedom from old patterns and limitations. When I am writing a screenplay, I let the characters tell me their story and watch them as they evolve, and find their own way to a satisfying resolution. I don’t invent the characters or the story. I let it unfold in front of me, and I feel honored that I am allowed to witness firsthand the story of somebody’s life.

recordings - Johanna Kern