Shadowland: The Legend – Novel – Epub

Shadowland: The Legend – Novel – Epub

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YA Novel

Third Edition: 2024

Shadowland The Legend - Novel

Shadowland The Legend – Novel

Shadowland The Legend - Novel

Shadowland The Legend – Novel

This epic adventure fantasy novel tells a story exploring the topics of creating one’s destiny, and the ways of dealing with personal and external shadows.

Written by Johanna Kern and British author Roy Fitzimmonds. Based on Johanna Kern’s original story and screenplay.

In the mythical realm of Shadowland, the Great Syndicate of relentless underworld Lords reigns with an iron grip, oppressing and robbing the citizens. Their merciless, terrifying army of Shadows kidnaps those who dare venture out after nightfall, while the Patrolling Thieves make daylight unbearable for all.
Hope has all but vanished, and darkness has engulfed the land, leaving the people in perpetual despair

But in the darkest hour, a hero emerges, long foretold by the old prophecy. The old Legend speaks of his quest and destiny, yet it also forewarns that the unwitting chosen one must navigate a treacherous path, where the line between right and wrong is blurred, and he could sway either way.

He is but a young boy, known for his squabbles with his teenage sister. When they both get mysteriously transported to the mythical Attic Town, the capital of Shadowland, they don’t realize that there is no way back. Lost in space and time, they embark on separate journeys. He befriends a young Patrolling Thief, while she is determined to reunite with her brother before nightfall. For when darkness descends upon him, he will become an eternal servant of the malevolent rulers, trapped forever in the underworld.

Meanwhile, as the night approaches, an underground resistance in Attic Town begins to stir, preparing for a battle. Will they all fall into the clutches of the Dark Forces? Are there only two possible outcomes when the battle between evil and light persists – win or fail?

This richly inventive fantasy novel is based on the original story and screenplay by Johanna Kern, a multiple award-winning author, film director, producer, screenwriter, and transformational teacher.

🏆 Runner-Up (Young Adults) at the San Francisco Book Festival
🏆 Honorable Mention (Young Adults) at the New York Book Festival

Embark on an adventure with this spellbinding award-winning epic fantasy thriller with unforgettable characters and page-turning suspense.

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