The Teachings Of Hope - Johanna Kern

The Master Teachings Of Hope is a powerful knowledge of the ancient Masters. They explain everything from how we function physically, emotionally and intellectually to what is the purpose of our existence, how we affect our reality, what are the designs and energies creating the Universe and who are the citizens beyond time and matter.

They give us tools to change and improve our habits, situation or life – so that we can thrive physically, intellectually, emotionally & spiritually.

  • In times where daily stress and the uncertainty of “how it’s going to be” causes not only dissatisfaction but – recently – numerous cases of deep depression and inability to deal with everyday reality, The Master Teachings of Hope help us to live a joyous, dignified and fully expressive life. The way we were meant to be: the best versions of ourselves. Fully conscious, fulfilled and loving our journey.

The Master Teachings Of Hope explained our “reality” thousands of years ago, long before modern science, which is only now, in the last hundred years, slowly discovering the truths taught by the old Masters. 

The Master Teachings of Hope are not meant to change who you are, or change your belief system – NO MATTER whether you come from a scientific, atheist or any religious background. They are meant to expand your consciousness and help you evolve to your full potential.

You are here to know that you have no limits. 

You are here to be who you were meant to be. 

The Teachings Of Hope - Johanna Kern