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In this section we are providing you with tools that will help you improve your relationship with yourself and others, and enjoy a happy and loving romantic relationship

In times where daily stress and the uncertainty of “how it’s going to be” causes not only dissatisfaction but – recently – numerous cases of deep depression and inability to deal with everyday reality, there is a growing need to address and remedy the problems that cause many of us the most pain: relationships & family issues.

While most of us long for love and acceptance, the divorce rate is growing and families fall apart – under a heavy load of negativity, lack of good communication, and inability to resolve conflicts that ruin any chance for happiness & mutual support.

Where did it all start?

How did we get ourselves into situations that keep us imprisoned in a vicious cycle of perpetual disappointment with ourselves and those we intend to love?

It is all because of our subconscious patterns that we unknowingly repeat, not aware of them, and not aware that they can be changed.

Since our subconscious is geared toward survival and functions “on automatic pilot” – unless we become conscious of our imprinted patterns, we are stuck in situations that don’t benefit our well-being and rob us of happiness in life. 

 When we are born, we are born with well-defined neurons – that is, all that we acquired while in the womb. The emotions and behavioral patterns of our ancestors are imprinted in our DNA via neuronal wiring. Unless we become conscious of our patterns and create new neurological pathways in our brain via new ways of thinking and behavior, we repeat the patterns of our ancestors that tell us how to live: we may “inherit” their fear of life, inability to cope with stress, or disregard for others, or ego-driven attitudes toward life, ourselves, and other people. 

Our first instinct is to survive, and we quickly learn how to do that in our circumstances. As dependent infants and children, we realize that we can survive only by complying with the rules of our parents or caregivers. If we are neglected or abused in any way – we learn that our survival is somehow linked to not having our needs met, not having our wishes fulfilled, experiencing lack of respect, or emotional or physical pain. 

As our life unfolds, we may be unappreciated at school/work, fail at our tasks because of our lack of confidence or not having enough support, we may attract situations in which we can get physically or emotionally hurt or we may consciously or subconsciously self-inflict such pain (whether physical or emotional). We subconsciously assume that suffering in life is “part of the deal” when it comes to our survival and so life provides us with situations which bring circumstances similar to what we experienced in our early life.

Our programming becomes our reality. 

Until we become fully aware of our own reactions, behaviors and programming – we duplicate patterns, automatically playing roles. 

The Master Teachings of HOPE give us the tools, wisdom and power to change and improve our habits, situation or life – so that we can thrive physically, intellectually, emotionally & spiritually.

The powerful knowledge of the ancient Masters helps us overcome the unwanted, negative subconscious patterns and start living a conscious and happy life: fulfilled, comfortable, at ease with our life journey and enjoying each day with our hearts fully open to give and receive love. 

Due to the so-called Brain Plasticity we are able to re-wire our brains and create new neurological pathways. It takes only 6 weeks to change our habitual thinking and behavior. And after 6 months of repeating new positive patterns, they become our lifestyle.

There are appropriate tools that will help you with this process and you can find them at the bottom of this page. 

What happens next?

We happen!

Our healthy relationship with ourselves leads to healthy and happy relationships with others.

 We no longer let our subconscious patterns sabotage our happiness and love life.

 We can have what we want in the world of family love, romantic relationships, true intimacy and erotic aliveness.


There are no limits to our happiness other than those we put on ourselves.

There are no limits for the amount of love we can let into our life.

Once we give ourselves permission to be happy, happiness it is.

Tools you can use:

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