Master and the Green-Eyed Hope – Epub

Master and the Green-Eyed Hope – Epub

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From the multiple award-winning author, Johanna Kern, comes an extraordinary true story that unfolds like a fantastical adventure.

Narrated in a style that reads like a captivating novel, making it a standout in the realm of books on spirituality.

Third Edition: 2024

Master and the Green-eyed Hope - Johanna Kern

Master and the Green-eyed Hope – Johanna Kern

This remarkable tale began with the author’s spontaneous trances and her encounters with an ancient Master who revealed the secrets of the Teachings of Hope, propelling her on a life-changing journey. Now, she shares this invaluable knowledge that has the potential to reshape the future for everyone.

For those seeking books about spirituality that go beyond the ordinary, “Master and the Green-Eyed Hope” is an exceptional choice. It unveils an ancient master key, unlocking the mysteries of the human experience, and bridging the gap between the teachings of old masters and the wisdom sought by contemporary seekers. In its pages, it explores profound questions about destiny, free will, joy, healing, love, success, and happiness.

– Renowned scientist Jerry Solfvin Ph.D., who has dedicated years to the study of extraordinary human capabilities, praises Kern’s work:

“As a scientist who has devoted many years to the serious study of ‘things that go bump in the night,’ I’ve encountered directly or indirectly almost every type of extraordinary human capability, and I can assure you Johanna Kern’s special ability is rather unique.
Like Castaneda, the author ventures into the hinter world as a sort of transcendental anthropologist, comes back whole and offers a detailed report that makes the rest of us feel as if we’ve been there too. Thoroughly grounded, highly intelligent journey, with its complex system of symbols and metaphors, and rich blend of characters from several worlds.

– Brian Van der Horst, noted journalist and management consultant, Chief Facilitator, Europe, for Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, places “Master and the Green-Eyed Hope” in a league of its own, akin to “The Urantia Book” and “A Course in Miracles,” praising its well-crafted narrative.

– Stanley Krippner Ph.D., an authority in consciousness and human potential, recipient of the Awards for Distinguished Contributions to the International Development of Psychology, Professional Hypnosis, and several Lifetime Contributions Awards, commends Kern’s work, highlighting how each chapter broadens our understanding of human capabilities and experiences, adding depth to our exploration of humanity.

Embark on a transformative journey with this multiple award-winning book. “Master and the Green-Eyed Hope” is a testament to the boundless potential of the human spirit and an invitation to explore the depths of spirituality. It is not merely a book; it is an opportunity to awaken to a new perspective on life and existence.


“Master and the Green-Eyed Hope” and watch the book trailer!  

Master and the Green-eyed Hope - Johanna Kern

Master and the Green-eyed Hope – Johanna Kern

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Master and the Green-eyed Hope - Johanna Kern

Master and the Green-eyed Hope – Johanna Kern

Master and the Green-eyed Hope - Johanna Kern

Master and the Green-eyed Hope – Johanna Kern

Find out why world-renowned experts and numerous readers highly recommend this book:

“Like ‘The Urantia Book’ and ‘A Course in Miracles’ tomes. “Master and the Green-Eyed Hope” is a very well-written, enjoyable book that places it above the general order of this genre of work.” Brian Van der Horst, journalist and management consultant; Chief Facilitator, Europe, for Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute

“Reminiscent of the Castaneda books. Exceptionally well written, in an engaging, reader-friendly style. “Master and the Green-Eyed Hope”, I feel, will truly contribute to human well-being.” Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Saybrook University; former President of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, the Parapsychological Association and the Association for the Study of Dreams

“What makes “Master and the Green-Eyed Hope” unique is Johanna Kern’s ability to cast a net of words around the reader that picks them up and carries them along without stumbling over the is-it-real-or-not question. This is at once a novel, a creative fiction, a scientific journey and a true life story.” Jerry Solfvin, PhD., Professor at Center for Indic Studies, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; former Senior Research Associate at Psychical Research Foundation at Duke 


SEE THE 3.5 MIN TRAILER OF “Master and the Green-Eyed Hope”:

What Readers Say:

“Outstanding work of an unprecedented mind. I recommend it with true joy and the highest respect”Romuald Lipko, musician (“Budka Suflera”); rock star and composer of over 200 hit songs for the most popular Central and East European stars

“A great contribution to the public conversation about what the hell IS going on, and what are the sources of power and joy. It may very well find its place in the public lexicon, and be read for years to come.” Richard P. Geer, astrologer, editor, and poet 

“Reading “Master and the Green-Eyed Hope” was like coming home.” Jan Schroeder, designer

“Amazing, magical, mysterious, humorous… Is she a modern mystic?” F. Ellsworth Lockwood, author

“What I especially like about this, is the lack of dogma, and the logical description of Cosmic laws and Powers. I also appreciate the fact that the Master’s teachings eliminate the need for violence and revenge (good vs. evil) which is so prevalent in today’s culture.” — Christine Hall Volkoff, author

 “This is fabulous. It reminds me so much of Castaneda. The writing has a straight-from-the-heart style that makes it a joy to read. Fascinating.” Kenneth Wayne, publisher

“Wow, “Master and the Green-Eyed Hope” is a masterpiece that you can easily find yourself getting wrapped up and lost in. Fabulously original!” — ML Smith, financial analyst

“What an amazing book — the exploration of the human condition is fascinating and I found myself floating from page to page — I am forever changed.” — A. Scott Boddie, author

“Wonderful is too minor a word for this. Awesome!”Yasmin Esack, author

“Descriptive, ethereal, like nothing I have ever read before. I am fascinated.” — Michael G. DeFilippo, lecturer

“Exceptionally well written, it is upbeat and exciting. I think it will have enormous impact on the lives it touches.” Sammy Sutton, psychologist/sociologist, scholar

Johanna Kern is a multiple award-winning author, filmmaker, and transformational teacher. Since the unusual events that turned her life upside down, she has been advising people on matters of life and career paths, health and emotional problems, relationships and family issues, and spirituality.

The biggest miracle of our existence is that we all are capable of the so-called “awakening”.

And when we are ready, it will happen to us — and it is like receiving a gift.

Your adventure into a world of wisdom, inspiration, and self-realization awaits — answer the call and let the magic unfold.


Epub Regular price: US$ 14,99

NOW ONLY: US$ 9,99 



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