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Demystifying Life. How to live it, love it, and have it:

The Big 7 in your life – Part 7: Your Vision of Yourself


Who are you? Who am I?
Have you ever asked yourself that question? Many of us have. Whatever answer you gave yourself, it was expressing your belief about yourself at that time.

Your Vision of Yourself is not a fixed thing. It may change according to your life situation, the change of your status, position, or even your mood. When you feel great, you see yourself on top of the world. When you are blue, you think of yourself in the opposite way.

Then who are you really? The one on top of the world, or the one at the bottom of a pit of despair? The one that you like and feel good about, or the one you reject and are ashamed of?

Or – perhaps you are all of these things. Perhaps your understanding of yourself grows within you and with you.

You can see your True Self or only your Shadow.

It is a matter of whether Your Vision of Yourself is in tune with the Vision of Your Heart.

For this teaching, we use the word “Heart” to describe the core of your essence, your “pure inner person”. The part of you where you hold your Own, Beautiful Truth, free of any conditioning or fears. (You can find out more about it in Part 3 of this series, titled “Your Heart and its Vision”).

What you think of yourself, what you do, or not do – mostly depends on Your Heart’s Vision, Your Vision of the World, and Your Vision of Yourself. Those are the major influences on your unique life journey in the entire universe. The journey through which you get to know and realize (manifest) yourself.

At the core of our being, as humans, we are the same:

We all progress, we all need and seek love, and we all go through the same cycles of evolution – whether individually or globally. Yet the way we express our common “core”, the way we design ourselves and our lives – based on that “core”, how we process our experiences, how we operate within our Bodies, Minds, or Emotions – that is utterly unique. We can picture this as “drops in the ocean”, where each of us is an individual “drop” in the whole “ocean” – that is humanity.

There are no two identical individuals or identical lives. Not only is each human being unique. But also every animal, every plant, stone, grain of sand, drop of water, or snowflake.

Every single blade of grass, or leaf on a tree – not only is different from the leaves on the same tree, or other blades of grass on the same lawn. But it is also different from all the other blades of grass and leaves in the world.
And now imagine this vast abundance of life, the magnitude of all life that surrounds us, and the magnificent richness within us.

All of this has a purpose: to make our experience unique. And that there would be infinite possibilities of experience. Why? So that the consciousness that we are would constantly evolve. Because our evolution depends on our progress.

When we realize the beauty and importance of our existence – we naturally expand our Vision of Ourselves. We appreciate, embrace and respect who we have become, and who we will be.

No circumstances, no moods, no emotional wounds can rob you of your dignity and joy of life.

Inside of each of us resides our innate, natural happiness. Once we become aware of the preciousness of our life, we can find that inborn happiness within and withstand anything that tries to bring us down.

You are precious. You are beautiful. You are loved – by nature, by the planet, by your next breath. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. See yourself the way you really are, not through the lens of the Shadows created in your subconscious, not through the prism of your wounded Ego or fear of life.

See Yourself for who you truly are: a precious Gift, with a beautiful Heart. 

You can find out more about the individuality and interconnection of us all in Chapter 17 of “Master and The Green-Eyed Hope” book, titled “Opening Destiny’s Hand”.

I wish you a wonderful day. Make it as beautiful as YOU ARE. 



Master and the Green-eyed Hope - Johanna Kern

Master and the Green-eyed Hope – Johanna Kern



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It is the longest chapter in the book, consisting of 3 parts.


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