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Embark on a Profound Journey: Unveiling the 7 Powers Shaping Your Reality

Revealing the extraordinary within the ordinary, Johanna Kern’s groundbreaking book, “Master Teachings of Hope: The 7 Powers Creating the World & The 7 Powers Within You,” transcends conventional self-help narratives to delve into the overlooked yet remarkable powers that shape our reality.

Within these pages lie the untold secrets of ancient knowledge, unlocking the intricate mechanics of the 7 Powers that govern our world and reside within us.

Have you ever felt that your life was going nowhere?

Have you ever felt limited and disappointed with what was available to you and didn’t know how to break free from that feeling and the circumstances? If your answer is “yes”, you are not alone. Many people have never felt truly alive. And, to many, life is either hard or disappointing, or “running on automatic pilot”. 

Do you know that science confirms what the ancient Masters have been saying for a long time?


The 7 Powers Creating the World & The 7 Powers Within You

The 7 Powers Creating the World & The 7 Powers Within You

In this volume, following the book that enchanted readers and experts in North America and Europe – “Master and the Green-Eyed Hope” – Johanna Kern shares the first installment of the advanced level of the Master Teachings and shows you examples of how to practically implement this wisdom in your own experience.

A new era begins for all of us: the era of conscious human beings, with full freedom to experience what we want, exactly the way we want. How is it possible to live that way? Johanna Kern explains it step by step and gives you highly effective tools you can use to live the life you want: happy, fulfilled and truly conscious. 

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This volume gives you tools to:

  • Help you change your life in any way you want

  • Improve your physical, mental & emotional health

  • Expand your vision of yourself 

  • Sharpen your intuition 

  • Overcome your subconscious blockages and/or fears 

  • Understand your purpose and fulfill your destiny 

  • Awaken the dormant areas of your brain – leading to achieving your highest potential

  • Learn how to use your thoughts to affect/change the reality you live in

  • Learn how to use the Gifts of The 7 Powers to live a fulfilled life, full of happiness & Love

The 7 Powers Creating the World & The 7 Powers Within You

The 7 Powers Creating the World & The 7 Powers Within You

This book contains among other things twelve never published before “Inner Journeys” to help you expand your vision of yourself, sharpen your intuition, and induce or improve your “third eye” vision – which further leads to awakening some of the dormant areas of your brain.

Johanna Kern, the award-winning author of “Master and the Green-Eyed Hope”, transformational teacher and filmmaker, many years ago suddenly began to experience regular spontaneous trances in which she found herself in an ancient temple, where she was receiving Master Teachings from an ancient Master.

The amazing Master Teachings gave her answers to the most important questions occupying human minds for centuries and a new look at all that we hold as sacred – ourselves, our origins and purpose:

From what is the meaning of our existence, to how to achieve true Happiness, Success, Power, Abundance, and Freedom from all limitations. From how our thoughts function in the field of energy that we all are a part of, to what is the meaning and nature of spirit, matter, life, death – and what really is the Wheel of Creation and who are the Citizens Beyond Time and Body.

The 7 Powers described in detail in this volume can be observed externally as energies creating the world we live in, and as the internal processes we go through during our Evolution. They affect us, and our experience, at any given time – whether we are aware of it or not.

This book will help you to understand your own endless potential, and explain to you the mechanism of the 7 Powers and how you can use that knowledge for your benefit and growth.

The Master Teachings of HOPE are not meant to change who you are, or change your belief system – NO MATTER whether you come from a scientific, atheist or any religious background. They are meant to expand your consciousness and help you evolve to your full potential.

Among the billions of people on our planet, you are the only person with your particular characteristics, both external and internal. You are unique, and so is your way of thinking, perceiving and experiencing yourself.

You have a unique Mind, and a unique Heart. There is only one you in the entire world.

There are no limits to who you can become – as there are no limits to your magnificence.

You are here to know that you have no limits. You are here to be who you were meant to be.

        “With my love I am passing into your hands the 1st volume in the series of the advanced Master Teachings of HOPE.”  – Johanna Kern

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