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– Happy Mind

– Happy Body

– Happy Life

Is Happiness the magical recipe for everything wonderful in life? 

Happiness and success. Happiness and good health. Happiness and beauty. Happiness and love. Happiness and abundance.

Do you see the correlation? Without happiness nothing is truly possible or lasting. To truly achieve anything else, first we need to achieve Happiness. And it is possible.

  • It has been scientifically proven that happy people are healthier, both physically and emotionally, live longer, and have much more fulfilling lives than the grumpy, complaining and therefore unhappy, among us.

According to psychologists and researchers, happy people tend to challenge themselves – and so they accomplish much more. What’s more, happy people in the most natural way attract into their life appropriate people and events and circumstances that lead to building wonderful romantic relationships and – consequently – happy and healthy families.

Happiness helps us generate new ideas, go beyond specific information, think outside the box and come up with more creative solutions.

It is the door opening to better understanding of the mechanisms of life, expanding our consciousness and reaching far beyond our limitations.

The good news is that happiness can be learned.

1. Happy Mind

We can rewire our brains for happiness. We can become happier, more effective, and enjoy and create the life we want and deserve.

  • There is an interesting characteristic of the human brain: it easily gets used to particular types of chemicals being released while we are experiencing certain types of emotions. The brain then gets hooked on those chemicals and wants to feed on them, again and again.

And so, the brain creates neural pathways for the chemicals it is used to. You can imagine those neural pathways as paths leading through a field. The more often we use such paths, the deeper and wider they are. Similarly, the more often we think certain thoughts, and feel emotions related to them – the stronger the neural pathways in our brain become, while those we don’t use – wither away.

Always hungry for more, our addictive brain uses our subconscious to create circumstances in our life in which we will produce more of the chemicals it craves. 

According to scientists, the mind wanders on average 47% of the time, preoccupied with negative/worrying thoughts. Such wandering negative thoughts are the outcome of our programmed subconscious, which governs 90% of our responses, behavior, and beliefs.

We can consciously change the way our subconscious works.

We can consciously re-wire our brains for happier, healthier, and more productive thinking.

We alone define our Power and our limitations. (See “M” like Mind)

2. Happy Body

  • Our bodies were designed to remain naturally beautiful, healthy, and youthful, and we were meant to enjoy them that way during our entire lifetime. The ancient cultures knew that and developed specific tools to affect their subconscious, to enjoy the body they wanted.

  • Our body responds to our thoughts and beliefs we hold about ourselves.

  • Our body responds to our moods and emotions.

Whatever we think about ourselves, however, we perceive ourselves in terms of our health, strength, endurance, or beauty – becomes the reality for our body.

Modern science is slowly catching up with ancient wisdom, and confirms the intelligence of the cells in our body, and how we communicate with them with our minds. Many researchers agree that we can alter our genes and DNA with our thoughts. See: You Too Deserve What’s Best For Your Health and Beauty!

Our body responds to Happiness. We can teach our bodies to be happy. We can teach our bodies to be healthy, youthful, and beautiful.

3. Happy Life

What is it that we want the most?

Happy Life. Beautiful Life. That’s what we want.

The details may differ from person to person. Some of us want peace and joy. Some want health, money, or fame, or power, or success, or someone to love us. But all of that is just what we believe would make our lives beautiful.

We are not really after the details. What we want is to be happy with our life. Or – more precisely – what we want is to be happy.

Have you ever felt that your life was going nowhere? Have you ever felt limited and disappointed with what was available to you and didn’t know how to break free from that feeling and the circumstances?

If your answer is “yes”, you are not alone.

Many people have never felt truly alive. And, to many, life is either hard or disappointing, or “running on automatic pilot”. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Our life is not an accident or a mistake. We are here to be all that we can be. We can have the life we want, and we can have the happiness we want.

You and only you can decide how your life is going to be, and how much happiness in life you want. It isn’t up to any external powers – your Happiness, and also your fully conscious living, begins with your conscious decision about HOW you want to be.

Your life can become your conscious choice. Your life can be beautiful, happy, and fulfilled. 

You deserve nothing less than to live in comfort, happiness and health. It is your birthright. Claim it, live it, and enjoy it.

Useful Affirmation:

“I distance myself from the negative self-talk. Whenever thoughts of my inability to be successful, happy, or loved cross my mind – I label them ‘old thoughts’. I replace them with ‘new thoughts’ repeating to myself: I can do, feel, and achieve anything I want. I can be anything I want and have the life I deserve and desire for myself.” – From the award-winning book “365 ( 1) Affirmations to Supercharge Your Life”, by Johanna Kern.

Johanna Kern, transformational teacher and multiple award-winning author (“Master and the Green-Eyed Hope”, “The Birth of a Soul”, “Inner Shadow Transformation – The Banner Method”“Master Teachings of HOPE”, “365 (+ 1), Affirmations to Supercharge Your Life”, “Secrets of Love”, Shadowland: The Legend), many years ago suddenly began to experience regular spontaneous trances in which she found herself in an ancient temple, where she was receiving the Teachings Of Hope from an ancient Master.

The Teachings Of Hope gave her answers to the most important questions occupying human minds for centuries and a new look at all that we hold as sacred – ourselves, our origins and purpose:

From what is the meaning of our existence, to how to achieve true Happiness, Success, Power, Abundance and Freedom from all limitations. From how our thoughts function in the field of energy that we all are a part of, to what is the meaning and nature of life, matter, spirit – and what really is the Wheel of Creation.

She shares her knowledge and helps people to find their own power and progress in all areas of their lives. Her books and audio recordings are available on this site, as well as on Amazon and other major online retailers around the world – in English, German and Polish languages.  

Books and MP3s by Johanna Kern

Books and MP3s by Johanna Kern


Attract wealth, increase prosperity, and build a healthy relationship with money – MP3 for reprogramming our subconscious

Attract the right people and circumstances, increase and activate your self-confidence - MP3 reprogramming subconscious

Attract the right people and circumstances, increase and activate your self-confidence – MP3 reprogramming our subconscious

This extraordinary award-winning book is based on the secret knowledge of ancient masters who possessed the ability to shape reality to their wishes

This extraordinary award-winning book is based on the secret knowledge of ancient masters who possessed the ability to shape reality to their wishes


Master and the Green-eyed Hope - Johanna Kern

Master and the Green-eyed Hope – Johanna Kern



Audio recording of the Introduction and Chapter One of the multiple award-winning book “Master And The Green-Eyed Hope”  – read by the author!

It is the longest chapter in the book, consisting of 3 parts.


Available from Johanna Kern –  BOOKS, MP3s, YouTube Channel 


Books by Johanna Kern


MP3s by Johanna Kern

MP3s by Johanna Kern