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With the understanding and acceptance of Love, comes a gift, which we learn to embrace: awakening.

Our romantic love can help us to open the door to receive that gift.

When we are born, we are filled with the energy of Love, and we expect to be loved. We assume that the world is full of Love, and we are in shock when we experience coldness, indifference, or pain. To a little child, Love is a necessity equal to food and water. In fact, lack of Love is more damaging to a child than poverty.

When we experience a lack of Love from others, we not only replace our innate joy with fear but also isolate ourselves from others with thick “walls” to avoid further pain.

When we separate ourselves from others, we separate ourselves from Oneness, and either suffer or – suffer and cause suffering.

Separation from Oneness is a sign of disconnection from the energy of Love. Disconnection from Love is a sign of dwelling in the hypnotic Illusion of being in control of our fate while experiencing fear and trying to remedy the emptiness with an illusion of material abundance.

What is this “Oneness” that some people talk about? Why is it important to understand what it means? And – what are we supposed to do with such knowledge?

Love, spiritual growth, and being one with all – remain abstract concepts for the mind, as long as there is a split between such concepts and the life we actually live. 

To recognize all as part of the One Whole is to perceive and recognize pure Love in all. The energy of Love surrounds us, flows through us, and comes from us.

With the understanding and acceptance of Love, comes a gift, which we learn to embrace: awakening. Our romantic love can help us to open the door to receive that gift.

The evolution of true Love in a relationship always includes the gradual exploration and experiencing the 7 aspects of Universal Love: Joy, Acceptance, Lowliness (as in being humble), Equality, Surrender, Equilibrium, and Reconciliation.

It happens when we recognize and truly appreciate someone on a deeper level. When we admire who they are beyond their physical appearance or personality traits – we have a quiet pleasant feeling, deep inside. It is a very different feeling than being swept off our feet by somebody’s beauty or personality traits. It is a deep and sincere feeling which surprisingly translates to Joy.

From Joy – emerges Acceptance, which is the second aspect of Universal Love.

True love is not blind. It has an x-ray vision. It will look past your traits and past your looks. It will know whether your behavior, emotions, or any of your patterns are a true expression of who you are or just your subconscious programming. Love will appreciate you for you. Acceptance has a profound impact on how we want to cherish our partner, and so it prompts us to invite romance into our life.

Commitment is closely related to the next aspect of Love. That aspect is called Humility (or Lowliness). In a relationship of true Love, Humility affects the way we honor the other person’s truthfulness, and not consider any of our needs more important than theirs.

The very beautiful aspect of Love that follows Acceptance is Equality. When we recognize Equality in our relationship, we recognize our equal rights and privileges to create the most amazing relationship we want.

Equality leads to Surrender to the energy of Love which teaches us that there needs to be Equilibrium between fulfilling our and our partner’s/spouse’s desires, a balancing of our preferences. Such Surrender to Love means true Reconciliation with Love. 

Reconciliation with Love leads to awakening:

According to what many philosophers, mystics, and belief systems have been saying for thousands of years, and according to quantum field theory, the higher the frequency of vibrations, the higher the impact they have on everything else.

When we examine human brainwaves, for instance, we find out that those of the highest frequency of vibration, especially Gamma waves, are related to expanded consciousness, altruism, and the so-called “higher virtues”. Researchers are still puzzled by the fact that Gamma rhythms modulate perception and consciousness, disappearing under anesthesia, or in a deep trance.

Another mystery for science is how Gamma waves are being generated – since their high frequency is far above neuronal firing. It means that the brain cannot produce such waves – according to traditional scientific research. (However, much more research is required, since the brain “re-wired” for spiritual logic, which uses high-frequency vibrations – functions in a different way than the brain using sensory logic).

Expanded consciousness, altruism, and unconditional Love – that is, the “higher virtues” (in other words: the high-frequency Intentions) – have enormous power to change reality in the blink of an eye, because of the quality of their vibrations. And they open the door for receiving the gift of “awakening”.

Our Romantic Love allows us to open that gate.

We are lovers by nature. Let us love. Let us be loved. And let us be Love.

Secrets of Love - Johanna Kern

Secrets of Love – Johanna Kern

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Johanna Kern

Johanna Kern

Johanna Kern, multiple award-winning author and transformational teacher, has extensive experience in counseling people on life and career paths, spirituality, health and emotional problems, relationships and family issues.

Drawing from her experience and knowledge from over 20 years as a successful professional and counselor, she has designed a special guide to unlocking the secrets of creating a deeply fulfilling, lasting, successful romantic relationship.  Her award-winning book Secrets Of Love: What You Need To Know To Have An Amazing Relationship” is written in an easy heartfelt style with charming graphic illustrations, and speaks to readers of all ages and relationship backgrounds.


Secrets of Love - Johanna Kern

Secrets of Love – Johanna Kern

“This delightful book covers so many dimensions that it is really a book that is all about ALL about love. It goes into more depth than similar books, and does so in a delightful, reader-friendly style, as Johanna Kern, the author, ranges from search for love, what to do when one finds it, how to nurture it, and what to do when it crashes – or survives! If someone has not found love when one reads this book, it will be a practical road map for the journey!”

– Stanley Krippner Ph.D. – Co-author of “Personal Mythology”; former President of the Association for Humanistic Psychology; a Charter Member of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation; a pioneer in the study of consciousness, having conducted research for over 50 years; recipient of the Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Development of Psychology and Professional Hypnosis

With these Secrets you can make your Love the best story of your life. 


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Secrets of Love - Johanna Kern

Secrets of Love – Johanna Kern



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