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While all bodies are beautiful, no matter what their shape or age, sometimes we put on unnecessary weight for various reasons.

It could be because of illness, chronic pain, depression, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, emotional eating to name a few.

And then we find out that it was easier to gain pounds, than it is to lose them.

You might have already discovered the so-called “yo-yo effect” when it comes to implementing strict diets, or that excessive exercise suppresses your hormones, resulting in putting on more weight than you have initially lost.

What’s more, such unsuccessful attempts add to your stress and, of course, cause additional weight gain.

However, there is no need for excessive dieting, popping unhealthy pills, or tormenting the body with exhausting exercise.

  • You can effectively get rid of unwanted and unhealthy weight. And you can keep it off without having to stay on a strict diet and exercise regime that weakens the body and affects one’s well-being. 

There is a way to do it. And science has proven many times nowadays that this is the case.

Studies on the effects of thoughts and emotions on our Bodies were conducted over decades by various scientists, and led to the conclusion that our minds can control our physiological functions and affect our genes, health and DNA.

Our Body has the capacity to heal itself. Our DNA is designed in a way that allows it for self-repair. Every single cell can be transformed and we can get rid of unwanted weight in a natural way.

“There is a reason why you cannot lose excess weight, or why you cannot keep it off after losing it. That reason is buried in your subconscious, and no matter what you do – until it is dealt with – you will be stuck with the extra pounds like with unnecessary baggage that you once needed, but now there is no reason for you to hold on to it.”Johanna Kern 

This MP3 contains some of the highly effective tools of the ancient Masters, such as messages and frequencies affecting your subconscious and pineal gland, subliminal messages helping you to dissolve your subconscious fears, reprogramming your subconscious for weight loss and well being, and 369 HZ and 528 HZ Solfeggio frequencies for DNA healing.

In the realm of healing techniques, sound has been used for thousands of years – from overtone chanting – from Central Asia, through Tibetan sound healing to Gregorian chants, to name a few.

The Solfeggio frequencies used in this recording represent a strong magnetic field and make up the ancient 6-tone scale used in sacred music, including the well-known Gregorian Chants. 


Johanna Kern, multiple award-winning author and transformational teacher has extensive experience in counseling people on health and emotional problems, relationships and family issues, life and career paths, and spirituality. 

Drawing from her experience and knowledge from over 20 years of helping people with various health and emotional problems – she recorded for you a series of recordings to help you keep your Body in excellent shape: maintaining good health, appropriate weight, youthfulness and overall well-being. 

This MP3 will help you lose the excess of unhealthy, unwanted weight and dissolve subconscious fears and negative blockages associated with it. 

Listen to Track # 1 – Introduction – 10:27 min:


Track # 2 – Getting Rid Of Subconscious Negative Programming –  25:29 min. Listen to the fragment – 6:49 min. USING HEADPHONES IS RECOMMENDED: 

This track contains the 396 HZ Solfeggio frequencies, allowing for dissolving negative thinking, negative emotions, possible guilt and destructive behavioral patterns. Combined with messages and frequencies to affect your subconscious and pineal gland – it will help you to deal with the root of your unhealthy weight gain.


Track # 3 – Losing Weight Easily – 31:37 min:

This track contains 528 HZ Solfeggio frequencies, combined with subliminal messages for weight loss and soothing sounds of ocean waves. It is designed to make changes in your genes, repair your DNA and let your Body return to its natural state, which is good health and appropriate weight. The subliminal messages will directly affect your subconscious, not letting your mind interfere with your healing process.

The subliminal messages used in track # 3 are included in the attached booklet and can be also used as daily affirmations.

NOTE: This recording is not meant to replace any medical treatment. It can, however, be a valuable addition to the treatment prescribed by your doctor or any health practitioner.

In order to fully benefit from this recording – USING HEADPHONES IS RECOMMENDED.


 FREE fragments and more information about other MP3s in the series (click on the pictures):












Useful Affirmation:

“I learn to love my Body the way it is. I choose not to criticize my Body in any way. Instead, I choose to support its health and well-being. I promise myself to find the best, healthy ways of treating my dear Body. My Body deserves the best.” – From the award-winning book“365 (+1) Affirmations to Supercharge Your Life” by Johanna Kern.