Physical & Emotional Health:

In this section, we are providing you with tools that will help you improve your health, deal with your emotions and live your life in wellness.

In all human history, you can find examples of how various societies have been and are programmed to live under the impression that people need to pay dues of some sort to stay alive, safe and healthy, or be able to live a better life.

Sometimes the threat to our happy existence reaches even beyond our life. And we may fear that we will also be miserable in the afterlife.

And so, step by step, as a human race, people have been robbed of their birth-given right to well-being, to live their life the way they were meant to be: happy, healthy, comfortable and fulfilled.

It doesn’t need to continue this way.

Taking care of our Physical & Emotional Health:

Wellness is the conscious act of living our life according to our standards of health, happiness and fulfillment.

True wellness is an ongoing process of applying our own idea of well-being to all areas of our life. In short – our idea of wellness becomes our lifestyle. The ancient cultures knew that and learned how to create wellness by practicing a holistic approach to living life.

We create wholeness when we tend to all areas of our life and find the appropriate balance between fulfilling our personal/emotional needs on the one hand, and our desire to fulfill our ambitions, achieve professional success and support other people’s welfare, etc.   

Such wholeness leads to true fulfillment. Fulfillment leads to happiness. Happiness leads to health (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Health leads to joy. Joy leads to awareness. Awareness leads to wholeness. And so – the cycle is complete.

To ensure your wellness – see it as wholeness.

But what if your Physical & Emotional Health needs to be improved before you can even consider a holistic approach to living your life?

Physical & Emotional Health - Johanna KernYour body has the capacity to heal itself. Our DNA is designed in a way that allows for self-repair. This has already been discovered in ancient times, and now science confirms that our minds can control our physiological functions and affect the makeup of our DNA. 

The new approach to Physical & Emotional Health:

With new scientific findings, the approach to treating illness has been changing, and there is new hope for people with chronic pain, diabetes, cancer, HIV, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, depression, sleep problems, and many other issues.

Our body believes what we say.

Yes. Our will shall be done. Each and every time. However, we perceive ourselves in terms of our health, strength, endurance or beauty – becomes the reality for our body.

  • Our thoughts become the blueprints for our experience, and our wellness depends on our will.

All we need to do is to embrace that knowledge and clean our subconscious from the negative patterns that affect our physical and/or emotional health and create new patterns so that our DNA can respond to them.

  • There are appropriate tools for such a healing process, and you will find them at the bottom of this page.

Further, to ensure our Physical & Emotional Health we need to remember that our emotions have an enormous impact on the way we physically feel. 

Some emotions are involuntary, as for instance the anxiety we experience in response to a perceived harmful event, attack or threat to our survival. Such a reaction is called by psychologists “the fight, flight, freeze or fawn response” and it’s due to our natural biological wiring: our ancestors needed to defend themselves when they, for instance, met a lion on their path. There is no need, however, to give in to prolonged stress, when we are simply dealing with difficult life situations.

Most emotions can be monitored and modulated. And that is another thing that we can learn to do.

Our perception and our reactions summarize our experiences, giving them meaning and the emotional feel.

Physical & Emotional Health - Johanna KernWhether any experience seems to us bitter or sweet – depends on us: bitter and sweet are just two sides of the same coin called life journey. We define our experiences ourselves, and we decide whether we like them or not.

If you have some deep emotional wounds or imprinted negative subconscious patterns and need time to heal, give yourself permission to do so. It can be done.

No circumstances, no moods, no emotional wounds can rob you of your dignity and joy of life. Inside of each of us resides our innate, natural happiness. Once we become aware of the preciousness of our life, we can find that inborn happiness within and withstand anything that tries to bring us down.

When you allow yourself to “get out of the box” and change your habitual thinking into a conscious and purposeful will to experience wellness – it is the mark of the beginning of your true well-being.

Your well-being is your birthright. You have the power to apply wellness to all areas of your life.

You have the power to decide when you want to start claiming your right to well-being.

Tools You Can Use:


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