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 Many of us have already lost some of our dear people, or animals, in our life.

They passed away either unexpectedly, or because they were old, or because they were ill. No matter what was the cause for their physical departure, in most cases – it probably came as shock and pain.

  • Physical death is often greatly misunderstood and the fears around survival have been deeply imprinted in our subconscious according to how we have been programmed by our parents, teachers, caregivers, society, a religious dogma – or anything that has been an influence on our thinking and feeling about ourselves, and the world we live in.

  • For some, Passing means the end of existence. For others, Passing means a threshold, a door to the afterlife where they will continue to exist as Souls.

  • Depending on our personal beliefs, and either cultural or religious conditioning, we tend to understand Passing as the inevitable, harsh ending to either our physical life or our consciousness per se. And so, no matter what our background – we tend to fear Passing.

Why do we fear Passing?

Simply because, as the Consciousness that we are, we do want to persist. However, we also tend to understand our existence as linked either to our physical body, or the Soul that we believe may “dwell” in the spiritual world forever. Either way, the essence of our existence is greatly misunderstood.

Although there are no guarantees for the eternity of our being (or Soul, if you may), as there are no guarantees that we will wake up the next day – as the Consciousness that we are, we do have a choice to either persist or perish.

How so? – You may ask.

Let’s take it step by step.

Step 1

Let’s talk about what our Consciousness is, and how we create and co-create our “reality” (in a nutshell):

All of physics, as we know it, is based on quantum theory, which is in turn the basis of one-third of our economy and its products. The fathers of quantum mechanics, Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg, jointly received the Nobel Prize for their work in 1965. Quantum mechanics became the most precise physical theory, and it not only explains everything from how the stars or sun shine, to why objects appear to be hard but also gives us everything from computer chips, transistors, and lasers to atomic bombs.

The two basic principles of quantum theory are:

1. Reality – is being created by an Observer.
2. Connectedness – any things that have ever interacted are forever connected, “entangled.”

What does it mean?

  • It means that quantum theory shows us that the material/physical world, which we perceive through our senses – does not exist. It is an Illusion.

What we see exists only in our, or the so-called Observers’, brains – or more precisely in our Minds, which sum up the experiences of our senses – giving us the Illusion of “reality”. AND – the connectedness means that we are all creating and co-creating our world not only for ourselves, but also for those with whom we are connected. That is all of nature, all of the universe, and people on the planet – because on the energy level we are connected with all that is, one way or another.

  • We all are part of a big Energy field that lets us create what we believe to be our “reality.”

Here is a quick look at how the Illusion works:

Physicists Peter Higgs and Francois Englert – already in 1964 talked about the Energy field which gives mass to everything that passes through it: from planets and stars to the cells of human bodies.

  • Everything that exists – is simply Energy. That includes all that is material, i.e. measurable by our senses AND all that we can only perceive: that is our thoughts, emotions, electrons (yes, nobody ever has seen or weighed an electron) etc. All that exists, the Energy, manifests itself through waves and vibrations. It means that everything, on the smallest scale – vibrates.

Imagine, for instance, radio waves: the frequency of their vibrations determines their quality, outreach, etc.

Now imagine that our thoughts are like radio waves. All that we think has a particular vibration, and because of that – depending on the frequency of their vibrations – our thoughts have a certain quality and outreach. And that decides how our thinking affects the “reality” (or Illusion) that we create and co-create, whether we are aware of it or not.

Consciousness is what it is: a vibration, a current, a signal.

Is there a way to sustain the existence of the Consciousness that we are?

Yes. We can continue to exist as Consciousness, as long as we keep developing/progressing and remaining aware of ourselves.

Step 2

Let’s have a look at some recent developments in science.

You may have already heard about the “many-worlds interpretation”, or the “parallel universes theory” that recently hit the news as scientists are searching for collisions between different ‘universe bubbles’, aiming to prove that we live in a “multiverse” rather than in a singular universe.

  • We need to remember that the “multiverse” is not a theory anymore – but the consequence of decades, or even centuries-long research deriving from the current quantum mechanics and string theory.

Dr. Robert Lanza, who was voted as the 3rd most important scientist alive by the NY Times, explains that the structure of the universe, with all its laws and forces, implies that intelligence existed before matter. He says that space and time do not exist, but rather that we sort of carry them with us “like turtles with shells”. He implies that the death of consciousness simply does not exist. And, only because people identify with their bodies, they believe that when their body perishes, their consciousness will too.

Further, Lanza believes that consciousness is not local, and it can exist not only anywhere, but also simultaneously in various universes. That is, if for instance in one of the universes the body is dead, the consciousness moves to another universe where the body is still alive. And so on. Infinitely.

Of course, Dr. Lanza is not the only scientist preoccupied with the theory of parallel universes.

  • The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), between 1998 and 2008, together with over 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 countries, as well as hundreds of universities and laboratories, has built the largest single machine in the history of the world: the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It lies in a tunnel 17 miles long (27 kilometers) in circumference, beneath the France-Switzerland border near Geneva, Switzerland.

The LHC has been indeed very successful thus far in proving some of the theories: first scientists proved the existence of the elusive Higgs boson ‘God particle’ – a key building block of the universe. It looks like they are also on their way to proving the theory of dark matter that is now thought to make up the majority of matter in the universe. And their next step seems to be the most important of all: the attempt to detect and maybe even create miniature black holes. That may be, indeed, a whole game changer – with an entirely new universe revealed, and rewriting the physics books.

As our understanding of our world/universe and the Consciousness that we are is changing – our “reality” is also changing.

Science has been preoccupied with the topic of Infinity for a long time.

Can we be infinite?

Step 3

Now that we had a good look at what’s new in science, let’s recall what some of the many belief systems have already been saying about Infinity for thousands of years: –

  • Buddhist philosophy argues for an infinitely continuing (forward and reverse) state of existence, with no center, nor any permanent entity underpinning it.

  •  Hindu cosmology is non-dualistic. Everything that is, is Brahman. Brahman is the eternal Now, and in eternity there is no before or after, for everything is everywhere, always.

  •  In Islam, there are references in the Qur’an that attribute Infinity to God. Just as the biggest number cannot be comprehensible, then in the same way God also cannot be described in human terms or encompassed in just a simple word.

  •  Judaism believes in one God, who is eternal. God is beyond even the concept of beyond.

  •  Christian religion believes in an eternal God and, interestingly enough, defines Infinity in the Bible: Matthew, verses 5:17 and 5:18 – “Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill. For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass away from the Law until all is accomplished.”

As we can see, while science talks about everything being a part of one huge Energy field, many belief systems talk about God being all there is, and containing everything within.

No matter whether it is science or a belief system that resonates the most with our own inner Truth, some things remain the same:

  • We are all part of one whole, and we are all connected.

Since the material world is being considered by quantum theory (and some spiritual beliefs) as Illusion, many people conclude that the spiritual world is the actual and real world. And that the Souls, therefore, can come and “live” in the Illusion of matter – for the purpose of experience – and then they return “home”, to the spiritual world, where they “truly exist”. 

However, such beliefs may also be limiting and misleading. Again, remember that “Consciousness is what it is: a vibration, a current, a signal that lasts as long as it is developing/progressing and remaining aware of itself”.

No matter whether we experience/perceive ourselves in the material or spiritual world – all of it is merely an illusion.

  • True liberation from the Illusion happens when we understand that the Consciousness that we are can persist ONLY when we continue to progress, liberated from the Illusion of life and death in either the physical (material) or spiritual world.

What can we do then to get rid of our Survival Fears/Fear of Passing – and embrace our life (yes, the life in the Illusion) – fully, happily, enjoying our existence, fulfilling our dreams, and looking forward to more possibilities of finding out who we truly are?

Step 4

Contemplate the above steps and pay attention to what resonates with you more: the scientific approach, or the philosophical/spiritual beliefs?

Know that there is no right or wrong answer. There is no better or worse approach. All that you believe or think about what’s true to you – is VALID, REAL, and MOST IMPORTANT FOR YOU.

Whether you lean toward scientific theories or philosophical beliefs, the most important thing to remember is this:

  • Life is a journey. Its distance is measured by the beauty of your Heart.

Not by the length of it, not even by how successful you become in it.

  • Your purpose as the Consciousness that you are is to constantly evolve and experience yourself.

As you will continue to grow, and develop as the Consciousness that you are – you will continue to exist. And that’s something that all of the science and all the philosophical or religious beliefs agree upon.

 Soon technology will provide humans with all they need: 3D printers are already available, and labs producing real leather will soon lead to labs producing real food, vehicles, houses… Money will disappear, not needed, not wanted anymore… What will be the next currency on this planet, when all the Money is gone? When everyone will be able to have everything they want, at any time they want?

Technological progress precedes any other progress on this planet: we will not go from “I want lots of money” to “Let’s unite and be happy together” in one step.

The next stage of human development is already around the corner. The next currency is becoming obvious: Power.

It’s always been about Power, after all, Money was only the means to get it.

What is the meaning of having Power? It means that you can decide the lives and the fate of people, and the fate of this planet. Thus far one could obtain such Power through threatening people’s survival, by giving them financial rewards, bribing or killing. With Money gone, that too will be gone.

The “Paper Power: will have to be replaced by Real Power – and humanity will have to learn what the Real Power means.

Remember: Fortunes come and fortunes go. Empires crash overnight.

The only thing that has a chance to remain eternal and continue to grow – is the Consciousness that we are.

And now you know how to live so that you can exist rather than perish. You know that your Survival Fears / The Fear Of Passing/Death, according to both the scientific world and the philosophical beliefs – have no ground.

Enjoy your life, enjoy who you are. 

What is real in all the illusions that we have created and live in – is that WE ARE.

 “Our minds tend to work in a particular way: we think in a way we are used to. That is not so bad when it comes to remembering or analyzing things where that type of logic is required. However, when we want to expand our consciousness and live the life we want, instead of living the one we don’t want – we need to train our mind to be able to use spiritual logic, not only the sensory kind.

Our existence, as the consciousness that we are, depends on our progress. As the One Whole that we are, we continue to evolve. As individual “Sparks” of the One Whole, we continue to choose whether we want to evolve or not. We have always had that choice. And – for the most part – we have evolved.” – from the book “Master Teachings of HOPE”  – Volume 1, by Johanna Kern

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