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Johanna Kern’s article “Inner Journey: Exploring Your “Third Eye”  was featured in December 2020 (B edition) in OMTimes Magazine.


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 Inner Journey: Exploring Your “Third Eye”

by Johanna Kern

Whether we are aware of it or not, we continue to evolve – for the purpose of the ongoing expansion of what we truly are: consciousness. Whatever we experience, contributes to what we know about ourselves.

Here we are. We are thinking. We are aware of our existence, our senses, we are aware of something within and of something external. We comprehend, we understand, we know.

What and how do we know?

We know things related to the above, or we know things because we have inherited some of the knowledge with our genes. Our ancestors learned things that we don’t have to learn. We already know these things because of what we call Evolution.

As we keep evolving our knowledge grows. And – as we keep evolving – we find more and more ways of experiencing ourselves. When we are not aware of our development through experience, we are often overwhelmed by the unexpected changes in our life, facing challenges we don’t understand, attracting numerous obstacles and problems. We often feel we lack happiness – which manifests as stress, deteriorating health, addiction, loneliness (whether we are in a relationship or not), anxiety, and lack of purpose, dissatisfaction with our lives, dissatisfaction with ourselves and/or others.

Have you ever felt that your life was going nowhere? Have you ever felt limited and

Steps to Exploring Your Third Eye - article in OMTimes

Steps to Exploring Your Third Eye – article in OMTimes

disappointed with what was available to you and didn’t know how to break free from that feeling and the circumstances?

If your answer is “yes”, you are not alone.

Many people have never felt truly alive. And, to many, life is either hard or disappointing, or “running on automatic pilot”.

Because our minds tend to work in a particular way: we think in a way we are used to. That is actually not so bad, when it comes to remembering or analyzing things where that type of logic is required. However, when we want to expand our consciousness, and live the life we want, instead of living the one we don’t want – we need to train our mind to be able to use our logic beyond our sensory perception, and free our subconsciousness of the old negative programming.

Yes, it can be done. If others could do it, we can do it too. As the consciousness that we are, we keep evolving.

As the Evolving Consciousness, we have no limits other than those we impose on ourselves. And deep inside, we all know that.

Knowing Through Experiencing Beyond Senses

To help you to expand your mind’s capacity, I’d like you to try the following Inner Journey. It is designed to have a different effect on your mind than some audio recordings (such as guided meditations), which are usually used for such purposes.

You will be asked to keep switching back and forth between reading (sensory perception) and internal experiencing (spiritual perception). It is an excellent way to prompt your brain to start using its otherwise “asleep” parts, sharpen your intuition and induce your so-called “third eye” vision.

The following Inner Journey is meant to help you to adjust to a new way of perceiving, and exploring the possibility of experiencing your existence on another level. 

Inner Journey: Experiencing Beyond Senses

Exploring Your “Third Eye”:

Find a comfortable position so that your body can feel fully relaxed with no strain on any of its parts.

Now take a few deep breaths, before you go on.

Take as long as you wish, or need, to read the following. Remember, there is no rush. You’ll get where you are meant to get, in the most appropriate time for you.

Experiencing is not about rushing things. Experiencing is about experiencing.

Keep breathing slowly, and peacefully.

Step 1:

In a moment I will ask you to close your eyes, and open them again to continue to read, after you imagine the following:

You are at the bottom of your “third eye”. For those who are not sure what the “third eye” is: concentrate on the point between and slightly above your eyebrows. There is an energy center there, and we call it the “third eye”.

Imagine that in some unexplained, safe and pleasant way you are at the bottom of your own “third eye”. Let’s not think about whether it is possible or not. It’s not the point. Just trust your own process and imagine that.


NOTE: If you are by any chance a person who cannot easily picture images in your mind – try to feel what’s happening instead of trying to imagine it.

Open your eyes to come back to reading after you have completed the task.

Close your eyes NOW.


Good. You have opened your eyes. Keep breathing slowly, and deeply. Here is what to do next.

Step 2:

In a moment you will close your eyes to imagine the following, and after that, you will open your eyes to read further.

A: Imagine that you are still at the bottom of your “third eye”, and that colorful clouds of energy surround you, constantly moving and swirling.

B: With your eyes closed, you turn your eyeballs to the left, as far as you can (do it really).

C: Imagine that you see a tunnel there, on the left. Step forward with no hesitation, and walk inside the tunnel. Its walls are made of dark blue energy, looking like swirling dark blue clouds.

D: Keep walking forward until you see the end of the tunnel. Don’t leave the tunnel yet. Stop here, and open your eyes to continue reading.

If you want to read the above again, to better remember how to do this step – do it, as many times as you wish. There is no rush.

You are not being judged for how well or how fast you do the steps.

When you are ready: close your eyes NOW.


Good. You have opened your eyes.

If it worked for you this far, you may continue with this Inner Journey. If it didn’t – try it again later. Stop reading this article and come back to it later today or tomorrow, or when you feel you are ready to try to do it again.

Step 3 - Johanna Kern's article in OMTimesIt is important that you practice experiencing and trying new ways of perceiving, instead of acquiring the knowledge only via your mind.

Take your time. Take as much time as you want.

You are progressing at your own speed. That speed is appropriate for you.

Keep breathing slowly, and peacefully. Remember to remain in a comfortable position.

Step 3:

If you are ready to do so, you will close your eyes again to imagine the following:

A: You are leaving the blue tunnel. It is a very pleasant feeling, as if you had been caressed with love.

B: Next imagine yourself outside the tunnel.

C: Imagine that you have just arrived at a very far “corner” of the Universe, and all around you there are colorful and shapeless clouds of energy.

When you are ready: close your eyes NOW.


Good. You have opened your eyes. Let us continue.Step 4 - Johanna Kern's Article in OMTimes

Keep breathing, slowly and deeply.

Stay comfortable. All is well.

Step 4:

A: Close your eyes and imagine that you will now develop a special vision, allowing you to see past the colorful clouds and see many places at once.

B: Turn your eyeballs to the left and, and with your left index finger touch the place just above your eyebrows, where your “third eye” is located in your forehead (do it really).

C: Imagine that this gesture caused a little spark in your heart. Then put down your arm.

D: Imagine that the little spark makes things around you brighter, and enables you to see what you couldn’t see before.

When you are ready: Close your eyes NOW.


Good. You have opened your eyes. You have completed all the steps.

Now you can look at your situation from a different perspective. Now you can KNOW what to do, and not what to do.

I wish you Happiness. 

You can read this article as PDF from the magazine pages: HERE

The above article is based on fragments from Johanna Kern’s books:


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