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Johanna Kern’s article “Wise Emotions versus Blind Emotions” was featured in New Year’s (December 2019) edition of OMTimes Magazine.

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Wise Emotions versus Blind Emotions

by Johanna Kern

Emotional Awareness – Understanding Your Emotions

Emotional awareness of our emotions can help us maintain our happiness and prepare us to better deal with all the challenges that we face in our life.

Our healthy and mature emotions can guide us in situations that are not clear for our logical minds.  Emotions accompany us at every turn, as they are the natural responses to the situations that we are confronted with. They alert us to what is going on right now, what matters, whether or not pay special attention to what we hear, see, and experience.

Being conscious of our emotions, emotional awareness, can help us maintain our happiness and prepare us to better deal with all the problems and challenges that we face in our life.

Subjectivity of emotions

The same event, fact, phenomenon, word, or image can evoke different emotions and reactions in various people. It is because each of us has had a different experience in life, and we have been differently shaped by our environment and background.

Learning more about our emotions can help us use them as a tool – the same way we use our five senses and our logical thinking to understand and define our experience.

It is worth it to recognize what they are trying to tell us and use that knowledge to our benefit. Our emotional intelligence could become one of our greatest strengths.

Emotional awareness

Research shows that people with a high level of emotional intelligence are also the most effective, with their ability to harness emotions and apply them to their thinking and problem-solving.

More and more employers recognize that emotional intelligence is just as important to professional success as technical ability and are increasingly paying attention to the candidate’s level of emotional intelligence during the recruitment process.

In the area of our private life, it is also much easier to trust someone who understands his/her emotions as well as ours and will not take us on an unnecessary emotional roller coaster.

Emotional awareness begins when we decide to become a good listener

Each of us knows a man or a woman who is a good listener. No matter what situation we are in, they always seem to know what to say and how to respond – so that we are not upset, neglected, or offended. Such people are not only respectful but also caring about others. They always know how to inspire and give us a dose of hope and optimism.

They use their own emotions famously, not allowing them to take control. They take criticism well and use it constructively. They usually make the right decisions and know when to trust their intuition.

Wise Emotions versus Blind Emotions

No matter how confident, experienced, or know we are – we might, especially in stressful situations, suddenly feel overwhelmed, sometimes perhaps even paralyzed with fear. We might say then that we are blinded by our emotions, and we can’t think straight.

It is due to our natural biological wiring, rooted in our ancestors’ instinctual behavior in dangerous situations – such as, for instance, when they met a lion or a bear on their path and had to do something to survive. Either run, or climb a tall tree – and very quickly, or freeze and pretend to be already dead.

We have inherited from our ancestors the so-called “fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response.” It was important for our evolution as a human species because it was crucial for our survival.

However, there is no need to give in to prolonged stress and let ourselves feel that way when we are simply dealing with difficult life situations.

Most Emotions can be monitored and modulated

All of our emotions are good and necessary, as they are an important source of information about our experience. Fear tells us about the threat and motivates us to respond. Sadness triggers reflection and allows us to stop and look after ourselves. Joy gives us the willingness to take on new challenges.

Whether any experience seems bitter or sweet – depends on us: bitter and sweet are just two sides of the same coin called life journey. As we know, we define our experiences, and we decide whether we like them or not.

We can compare our emotions to the clouds in the sky. They can flow, coalesce, or quietly pass by. We can identify with the clouds, being dependent on their status. Or – we can identify with the sky, which remains calm, no matter what kind of clouds (emotions) are passing through it. It means that we can sometimes be in an emotional hole, but still not suffer from it.

Our emotions can become our choice. They can be wise, mature, and helpful. Our healthy and mature emotions can guide us in situations that are not clear for our logical minds.

Our wise emotions remind us that evolution is not just about surviving.

Evolution is primarily about thriving

And thriving in life is about enthusiasm for life. When we begin to appreciate the wisdom of our emotions, we rediscover our enthusiasm for life.

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