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Johanna Kern’s article “Returning to the Joy of Living in These Difficult Times – Inner Strength Meditation” was featured in June 2020 (B edition) in OMTimes Magazine.


OMTimes Magazine is one of the leading online content providers of positivity, wellness, and personal empowerment in every English-speaking country – with millions of readers.


In these times of uncertainty, it is important to return to our joy of living. We need to stay strong, sound, and keep enjoying our existence no matter what. This Inner Strength Meditation can help us regain our equilibrium.

Returning to the Joy of Living in These Difficult Times – Inner Strength Meditation

by Johanna Kern

When happiness leaks out from our life due to daily stress and struggle, we stop being conscious. We miss out not only on the beauty and importance of our existence but also on the gifts that life and the Universe offer us in abundance.

It is no different during present times. We, and only we, can decide how our life will be – each moment of every day.

While we keep dealing with the pile of obstacles that keep growing, we often let ourselves get “connected” to many distractions that take over our lives. We get disconnected from our true nature. It isn’t the news, our iPhone, computer, or the Internet that keeps us in tune with what’s important to us. Happiness slips through our fingers, day after day, when we get occupied with negative messages letting them clog our minds and take us away from this very moment in which we are designed to live.

At this very moment, life happens to us.

When we are disconnected from this moment, we tune out from who we are, and we tune out from our happiness. It is important to return to our joy of living – so that we can stay healthy, sound, and keep enjoying our existence no matter what.


Find a comfortable position, sitting or lying down.

Close your eyes, and let your arms rest alongside your body.

Now take a deep breath and slowly let it out. Take another deep breath, and again – slowly let it out.

Then, while taking in the next breath, let it fill you up from toes to head and add an image to it: a pleasant dim light glowing everywhere inside you.

Keep breathing, and observing the light inside, from the count of 10 to 1:

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Relax, and let the dim light inside shine in every single cell in your body.

Imagine now that you are standing at the edge of a beautiful forest. It is early afternoon on a pleasant summer day.

The trees in the forest are medium tall and full of beautiful dark green leaves. You can see there as well some shrubs and wildflowers.

The sky above is a light blue color, and some white puffy clouds are passing over your head. The temperature is exactly right, not too hot, and not too cold. And you can feel the gentle summer breeze on your skin.

Notice a small wavy path leading to the forest. It looks pleasant, comfortable, and inviting.

Step on the path leading to the forest. Let yourself be curious and excited about the new adventure. You know that you’ll be all right.

As you are stepping forward, you feel that the temperature inside the forest is slightly cooler. You find it very pleasant and step forward happily. You feel a quiet joy filling you up more and more with each step.

Deep inside, you are awakening the knowledge that You are the true creator of your life experience since you have control of the focus of your thoughts.

You can decide what you want, and what you do not want. You can have happy thoughts and dismiss all the negative thoughts.

As you keep walking forward, you see a large clearing in the woods in front of you.

You walk toward the center of the clearing. Stop here for a moment and look around.

You are basking in the sunlight, and the forest surrounds you like a pleasant blanket of safety.

Stretching your arms, you now raise your head, looking in the sky and feeling taller and stronger than before. With your eyes closed, breathing easily and slowly, you are listening to sounds of nature surrounding you.

There is nothing that can stop, disturb, or limit you in any way. You feel free, and you are free. You feel powerful, and you are powerful.

Say in your mind:

“I let go of my worries.

I learn how to trust, deep in my heart, that all is well – just the way it is.

Just as it is today, tomorrow, and every day. 

What I live through is simply an experience.

An experience, that helps me grow.

And when I grow, I learn the value of that experience.

Once I value each experience – I know happiness.”

Open your eyes.

Now turn off your cellphone, TV, close your computer – and step outside. Breathe in the fresh air. Walk to the nearest tree. Touch its trunk and lookup. That tree knows the gift of happiness.

The gift of happiness is ours to give and take. No power in the world can take it away from us.

We are part of the most beautiful world. We are designed to be thriving, evolving, and growing into our own power.

We are meant to know happiness. Let us be happy. Let us be alive.

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