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Australian magazine “LivingNow” printed Johanna Kern’s article “The Benefits of expanding your mind” in their Autumn Edition (Australian autumn: April / May / June 2019).

“LivingNow” is Australia’s favorite long-running (30 years) health, wellness & personal development publication, with many thousands of readers of the print magazine throughout Australia – & hundreds of thousands more online.

The Benefits of expanding your mind


Here’s a guided inner journey that may help you towards living the life you want, and even experiencing ‘pure happiness’.

by Johanna Kern

Here we are. We are thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, sensing, breathing and… What else are we doing?


We are knowing either in relation to the above, or we are knowing because we have inherited some of the knowing with our genes. Our ancestors learned things that we don’t have to learn. We already know these things because of evolution.

As we keep evolving our knowledge grows. And – as we keep evolving – we find more and more ways of experiencing ourselves.

It used to be that human evolution was thought of as a means to populate the planet and ensure that, as the human race, we survive. Now evolution more and more is referred to as the expansion of consciousness – a way to experience ourselves on different, more advanced levels than merely through our five senses.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we continue to develop – for the purpose of the ongoing expansion of what we truly are: consciousness.

Our minds tend to work in a particular way: we think in a way we are used to. That is actually not so bad, when it comes to remembering or analyzing things where that type of logic is required. However, when we want to expand our consciousness, and live the life we want, instead living the one we don’t want – we need to train our minds to be able to use spiritual logic, not only the sensory kind.


In order to help you to expand your mind capacity, I’d like you to try the following inner journey. It is designed to have a different effect on your mind than some audio recordings (such as guided meditations), which are usually used for such purposes. While listening to an audio recording with our eyes closed – our mind tends to passively follow the instructions, not really learning new ways of operating. Therefore guided meditations are best for relaxing and reprogramming our subconscious, but don’t allow our conscious mind to learn new ways of perceiving.

You will be asked to keep switching back and forth between reading (sensory perception) and internal experiencing (spiritual perception). It is an excellent way to prompt the brain to start using its otherwise ‘asleep’ parts, and induce and sharpen your intuition.

During the following inner journey, you will be guided to experience the feeling of happiness in its pure form.

That’s right. Not the feeling of excitement, satisfaction or joy, which are simply emotions that you feel in particular moments.

Let yourself explore the happiness that is, because it is. With no conditions at all, and present only as a result of your experiencing yourself as the consciousness that you are.


Find a comfortable position where you can stay uninterrupted during your inner journey.

And now, take a few deep breaths.

Good. In a moment I will ask you to close your eyes, and open them again to continue to read, after you imagine the following:

ŸA: You are sitting on a hill. That hill exists nowhere in particular, only in your mind, and yet it feels very real. From the hill you can see planet Earth in front of you. You feel longing in your heart, knowing that you are looking at your beautiful home.

ŸB: You place your palms on your chest, feeling the rhythm of your heart. And then you decide to send a message to your loved ones, back on the planet. You decide to make your heart the Launching Point for your message.

ŸC: With all your love, you send to the planet these words:

“I care about you.”

ŸD: You see the words flowing toward the planet, and then – circling it and coming back to you, landing in your heart. At this moment you feel that the loving energy you sent out multiplied on its way back to you: it feels like a warm powerful wave embracing all of you.

ŸE: Now you decide to send more messages, exactly the same way, and find out how they will affect you. You send, one by one, the following messages, always waiting for each of them to return, before sending the next one:

“I am happy to be here.”

“I am happy to be connected with you.”

“I enjoy this moment.”

“I love you.”

Don’t rush – and read the steps above as many times as you want. All is good. After that, close your eyes and open them when you have completed the task.

Close your eyes NOW.


Good. You have opened your eyes. Contemplate what you have experienced during this inner journey, how the effects of what you were sending out made you feel. Now you know how it works:

We send to ourselves everything that we send out.

Now take a few deep breaths, before you read further. Take as long as you wish, or need, to read the following. Remember, there is no rush.

We’ll get where we are meant to get, in the most appropriate time for us.

Experiencing is not about rushing things. Experiencing is about experiencing.

Keep breathing slowly, and peacefully.

It is important that you practice experiencing and trying new ways of perceiving, instead of acquiring the knowledge only via the mind. Take your time. Take as much time as you want.

You are progressing with your own speed. That speed is appropriate for you.

How did it feel? Was it a bit disorienting when you were switching back and forth from reading to internally experiencing? Was your mind trying to control your internal experiencing and give it some explanation, or any analogy to anything that you have previously experienced or learned about?

The mind tends to operate in a particular way: it reasons based on what it already knows, applying its old patterns to new situations.

During this inner journey you may have experienced what we call pure happiness – for no reason at all, and without any external circumstances that could contribute to your feeling good.

You have internally experienced yourself being connected with everything else. You have internally experienced the joy of being connected with the One Whole. And if your mind was trying to restrict your experience, you were able to overcome the limitation.

When connecting with the One Whole, you’re able to experience pure happiness.

NOTE: If you are not sure that you have done this inner journey the way you wanted, you can repeat it again, as many times as you wish, to reach your full satisfaction.

Also, if you wish, you can close your eyes again and keep exploring the new feeling of pure happiness.

Experiencing differs from acquiring knowledge via mind. Stay with the feeling, don’t rush any further today. Gobbling up such knowledge merely intellectually often results in losing it in the noise of the mind.

Our internal experience will help us progress. And as we evolve, we are able to experience ourselves in more ways.

There are no limits to the consciousness that we are – other than those we choose to impose on ourselves.

There are no limits to who and how you can be.

Your life is not an accident or a mistake.

Your life has a purpose. Ÿ


The above article is based on an excerpt from the book “Master Teachings of HOPE, volume 1: The 7 Powers Creating The World & The 7 Powers Within You, published by Humans of Planet Earth Assn.

Read the original article here:PDF of the printed article

In this volume, following the book that enchanted readers and experts in North America and Europe – “Master and the Green-Eyed Hope” – Johanna Kern shares the first installment of the advanced level of the Master Teachings and shows you examples of how to practically implement this powerful knowledge in your own experience.

This volume will help you to understand your own endless potential, explain to you the mechanism of the 7 Powers and how you can use that knowledge for your benefit and growth.

You will find in this book, among other things, twelve never before published “Inner Journeys” to help you expand your vision of yourself, sharpen your intuition, and induce or improve your “third eye” vision – which further leads to awakening some of the dormant areas of your brain.

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Changing Reality & Spirituality
Johanna’s Articles in Magazines
New in media