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The Law of Chain Reaction and the mechanical, sonic & orbital resonance.

We don’t really need fuel for space travel: In both, space travels and in changing reality with our thoughts – we can either avoid or use mechanical, sonic or orbital resonance to our advantage. In order to do so, we need to understand the mechanics of The Law of Chain Reaction for Energy.

Here is the next installment of my series dedicated to all the seekers of truth: 

The Law of Chain Reaction - Johanna Kern

The Law of Chain Reaction - Johanna Kern

The Universal Law is one of the 7 Powers/Energies creating the physical world. It affects everything in the physical/material world, including all of our thoughts, actions, our physical and emotional health, what we experience and where we are heading:

It consists of 8 component Laws.

 The fifth one is called:

The Law of Chain Reaction

A short overview of how this law affects the quality of our life.

NOTE: Each of the laws is an Energy wave with unique frequencies that can be measured in Hz. Those frequencies can be replicated with the use of technology (specific mathematical equations are used at more advanced levels of Master Teachings of Hope) – but also can be produced by the human brain. 

When it comes to resonance, most commonly this relationship is found for a pair of frequencies or objects. The Law of Chain Reaction refers to many subsequent relationships between similar frequencies. Think of a “domino effect” and consider each interaction between the falling pieces as a subsequent resonance.

Imagine that you have arranged the domino pieces in a way that when you push the first of them, its impact will affect the next one, and so on, until all the pieces would fall down.

Such is the mechanism of The Law of Chain Reaction: when one element of matter is vibrating, its vibrations are being transferred to the next element, and then to another and so on. Every single action, or thought, causes a similar outcome as in the domino effect, creating a chain of reactions.

We remember by now that according to Einstein, Tesla, Quantum Mechanics and The 8 Universal Laws – everything is Energy: from the cells of our bodies, all of nature, to planets, galaxies and everything else in the Universe, including our thoughts.

You may ask yourself which element of matter is more likely to transfer the vibrations and which one is more likely to be affected by them.

Among the elements of matter, the one with a higher frequency of vibrations is more likely to affect those which vibrate lower.

However, let’s  not confuse the Law of Chain Reaction with the Law of Cause and Effect:

The Law of Chain Reaction does not focus on cause and effect. It is about the chain of reactions that follow an effect, and it also explains their nature.

The Law of Chain Reaction affects every single particle of matter and is responsible for the cumulative tendencies of vibrations. 

For instance, in space travel to distant locations, the forward motion can be achieved by taking advantage of The Law of Change reaction – instead of using petroleum or liquid hydrogen/oxygen (or any other fuel).

The frequencies at the Launching Point can be precisely calculated for using their impact in subsequent steps of the journey.

Once we know what are the frequencies of our destination point, along with the frequencies we will encounter on our way, we can calculate the frequencies that will get us there.

The Law of Chain Reaction - Johanna Kern

To understand better how it all works, we can examine the following life situations:

When we were talking about The Law of Appearances and the Launching Point in the previous installment, we noticed that the apparent loss or gain of energy depended on the quality of frequencies initiating an action. We also may have noticed – through examples in our own lives – that the equivalent of what we are getting back is not exactly the same as what we give out. The Law of Chain Reaction is responsible for that. It affects every single action and thought (since thoughts, being part of the Energy field, are actions as well).

Let us see what happens when we are giving something away, not expecting anything back, and not looking for praise or gratitude from others:

Our intentions at the Launching Point are truly generous. Because of the Law of Chain Reaction, they affect, attract, and accumulate other energies out there.

What we sent out comes back to us – only now it’s a whole cluster of similar vibrations.

And so we get back more of what we put out. In other words: we get back more than we have given, since our Intentions are pure.

But what happens if they are not?

What happens with all the greedy, selfish, cunning thoughts and deeds we send out?

Low-frequency vibrations also attract others. Even though they have a weaker effect on higher vibrations, they still attract similar lower vibrations, and they still are subject to the Law of Chain Reaction.

Again, we are getting more of what we put out: more greedy, selfish, cunning thoughts and deeds from others, affecting your life and causing you problems.

Or – if we pretend to be generous, but actually want to make a trade, which means that our Intentions are not pure at the Launching Point since they don’t match our actions/thoughts – we will get back less of what we sent out, or nothing at all.

The Law of Chain Reaction - Johanna Kern

The Law of Chain Reaction

And that’s what happens when we send out a thought, or take an action: depending on our intentions a the Launching Point, what we get back is what we sent out, only it is either multiplied or decreased.

The cumulative characteristic of all vibrations determines the things we get, or don’t get in life.

There are some theories out there which are built around the idea that what you wish for can be attracted with your thoughts, as long as you align your own vibration with the vibration of what you wish for. Or more precisely, with the vibration of the feeling of having achieved or acquired what you wish for.

Such theories are misleading, as they are based only on the observation that “like attracts like” without fully understanding how the Universal Law truly works. Therefore many people who use techniques offered by creators of such theories and try to get material things, or their dreams fulfilled, get disappointed sooner or later.

Anything that comes from fear, bitterness, desperation, disappointment, greed, pride or Ego drives is a low-frequency vibration, and because of how the Law of Appearances and the Law of Chain Reaction work – will not result in any lasting or successful “manifestation” in the material world.

ONLY the higher frequency vibrations, such as pure intentions at the Launching Point, can bring about valuable and lasting things and create true happiness in life.

No fortune, career or relationship built on desires of low-frequency vibrations can bring one happiness and let one enjoy a joyous and fulfilled life. People sooner or later either lose what they had gained, fall severely ill, or end up disappointed, bitter, alone and forgotten. That’s why it is so important to align our dreams with the vision of our Heart.

Prioritize your Heart desires over your ego desires. Don’t set your goals or make any important decisions coming from your fears or negative emotions.

Then, and only then, whatever you wish for will bring you happiness and become your lasting reality.


1. OUR SUBCONSCIOUS rules 90% of our thinking and behavior. It is responsible for our habits, emotions, automatic reactions, defensive mechanisms etc., which may keep us stuck in unwanted situations in life. You can reprogram your subconscious and get rid of the negative patterns stopping you from living the life you want.

2. On the level of consciousness beyond the senses, we have access to every single bit of information that exists.

Whether that information originated in what we perceive as past, present or future – does not matter. In the field of the One Whole, time does not bind us, because on that level all is timeless.

Reflect on the following:

“My positive thoughts attract positive outcomes. My good feeling attracts positive people. My open and joyous Heart helps me to attract positive events in my life. I rejoice in positive attitude. I rejoice in creating more positive outcomes in my life.”   – From the award-winning book “365 (+1) Affirmations to Create a Great Life”, by Johanna Kern

Take your time – that always works the best. Have love and patience for yourself. 

The 8 Components of the Universal Law help us at every step.

SEE: Changing Reality: 8 Universal Laws for Energy – Introduction

These laws affect us with no exception in all areas of life: private and professional, art and science, business and politics etc. – whether we are aware of it or not: 

1. The Law of Cause & Effect / Cause & Solution
2. The Law of Originating & Growing & Passing
3. The Law of Reduction and Expansion
4. The Law of Appearances
5. The Law of Chain Reaction
6. The Law of Self-Direction
7. The Law of Matrix and Volume
8. The Law of Infinity


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