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Most of us agree that we live in a material world. We are sure of the existence of the material world because we can experience it through our senses. Many of us also agree that there is a spiritual world. We believe in the spiritual world because we can perceive it through our intuition, belief system, logic, or the so-called “sixth sense.” 

It used to be that old-school science would confirm the existence of the material world and question the existence of the spiritual realm, labeling it as an “illusion.” Nowadays, science (especially quantum physics) considers the material world as nothing but an illusion, stating that it is our senses and brain that interpret our perception, and make us “believe” that things are “out there.” 

As long as we either experience or perceive something, we agree to its existence in some way. Doesn’t matter whether it is physical or not.

No matter whether we agree with the old-school materialistic science, or with the modern, more holistic science – the way we direct our life entirely depends on us. It is deeply rooted in the way we have been programmed or have programmed ourselves, based on our experiences, beliefs, and – before all – what resonates with who we have become thus far:

  • For some of us – the world is a place existing on its own, in which we have no say and can’t control it in any way.

  • Some people perceive the world as a place that is hostile, full of the “others” whom they need to fight, or avoid, always ready to attack or defend themselves.

  • For others, the world is a place that serves their Ego, where they can fulfill their needs, whether materially or emotionally.

  • Some people see the world as oneness, where everything is purposeful.

  • Yet others see it as a big unknown, where anything is possible.

 Whichever answer you find within – it will tell you where you are at this moment. 

That’s all. There is no right or wrong in any of these. It is only the reflection of who you presently are.

It will also tell you whether what you think of the world is per your deeper, inner Truth. Whether the way you live maintains your happiness, and if there is anything you need to change.

If you want to find true fulfillment, your life and the Vision of Your Heart need to be in tune. We use the word “Heart” to describe the core of your essence, your “pure inner person”. The part of you where you hold your Own, Beautiful Truth, free of any conditioning and fears.

Regardless of what is our biggest issue, we need to remember that we are not the only person in the world with such a problem.

Yes, sometimes we may feel overwhelmed, and may even collapse under the stress/pressure – BUT – we can collect ourselves and find positive things in any situation. For example, we may learn something very important and useful for the future, or we may realize that, indeed, “what doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger.” Overcoming obstacles helps us gain life wisdom, and increases our ability to achieve our goals.

Our human brain finds interesting solutions for its problems: often when some parts of the brain are damaged, for any reason – the other parts of the brain take over the functions of the damaged parts. Why not use a similar idea in our life: if something doesn’t work the way we want – we may focus on something else and find beauty elsewhere, in another aspect of life.

Yes, we may sometimes go through difficult times, but there is always a possibility for change. As long as we don’t give in to our subconscious Fear Of Change (see: “How To Overcome The Fear Of Change”) – we can re-design our life as many times as we want to. 

Life is not our enemy. It will listen carefully to what we want, and it will support us at every step. It will not judge our wants and needs. It will deliver to us what we want, no matter whether we are coming from our subconscious fears, unhealed Ego-drives or our pure inner Truth.

Whether we choose a problem or its solution – life will give us exactly what we want.

There is a wonderful man traveling the world: he has no arms and no legs. Crowds of people from many different countries come to listen to him talk about happiness and the beauty of life. He found a way of turning his disability into true power. No, not everyone needs to “expose” his or her weakness or otherness on the public stage. But everyone can find what will give him/her happiness in life.

It is never too late, or too early, to live according to what’s in your Heart.

Our life is not a race or a contest where we need to prove who is the fastest, richest, or smartest.

Our life allows us to progress as much as possible, and to find happiness in living.

When we become more aware of the purpose of life itself (to progress, to know happiness, to become the best version of ourselves) – the whole world changes its colors. Our joy of living deeply affects others: we all create and co-create the reality for all of us.

Can positive thinking help solve problems that are hard to solve?


Let’s take this for example: many people on our planet suffer from hunger, and we often have tears in our eyes while hearing news about starving children in impoverished countries. We don’t know how to effectively help them, where to get the money to feed them all.

The truth is that there is enough food on the planet for all of us. We have an abundance of food, and we have an abundance of resources.

The basic reason for the lack of food for the poor derives directly from the inner fears (or the so-called subconscious shadows) that control some of the influential people who run the corporations depleting our planet of its resources, and destroying our environment. For the sake of acquiring more money (which for them represents power, and thus they delude themselves that the money will protect them from their inner fears), their actions are selfish and/or harmful to others. For instance, deliberately sinking huge grain cargos to keep higher prices on the market – instead of feeding the hungry.

If those unfortunate, fear-driven people were willing to learn how to get rid of their negative subconscious programming and change their fearful thoughts into positive thinking – they wouldn’t be drowning food, and that could contribute to resolving world hunger.

Can those of us whose Hearts are shut down ever open ourselves to the possibility of self-healing? 

Nobody can experience true happiness while being driven by subconscious fears or the desires of an unhealed Ego. Happiness cannot be initiated, or maintained, in a state of fear, greed, anger, or lack of positive emotions about ourselves or the world.

There could be many reasons for what causes our personal experience of losing our innate joy of living. Usually, we can narrow them down to a specific programming imposed on us during our childhood, or early youth. That programming makes us perceive and respond to the world in a robotic, automatic way, narrowing our consciousness to a merely stimulus-response-oriented blind tool.

One of our basic human needs is to live in a state of happiness. As part of nature, we naturally strive for the joy of living. Our inherent nature sooner or later takes over: we want to experience true happiness, and we want to experience love.

Sooner or later, we all wake up to life.

And, if it isn’t too late for us because our physical life is finite – we do have a chance to look for a solution and heal our inner wounds.

 As we already know, big steps consist of many small steps.

 Changing our life situation, finding a better job, creating a wonderful relationship with our loved one – all of this begins with the first step.

Positive thinking can move mountains. Positive thinking has helped millions of people to liberate themselves from slavery, defend themselves against invaders/occupiers, or survive in concentration camps. They believed in a better tomorrow, and it has become their reality.

It isn’t up to anybody else what kind of world we live in. It is up to us. When we fall again in life – let us remember that we can get up and try again.

Our innate ability for self-healing is the solution for all the problems we have created as individual beings and humanity as a whole.  

It is up to us to stop concentrating on what doesn’t work. We are here to become all that we can be: the best versions of ourselves. It is our choice to focus on that, instead of perpetuating antagonisms that lead us nowhere except a dead-end.

There is a thin line separating a problem from its solution.

All we need to do is to erase it from our Mind.

Useful Affirmation:

“I am following my New Path with curiosity. I will know where I am going when I make my next step. I welcome everything on my Path as important for my growth and experience. I know I can overcome any obstacles by listening to my inner guidance, the ‘Barometer of Truth’. I am more and more in alignment with My Heart.” – From the award-winning book “365 (+1) Affirmations to Supercharge Your Life” by Johanna Kern. 


Master and the Green-eyed Hope - Johanna Kern

Master and the Green-eyed Hope – Johanna Kern



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It is the longest chapter in the book, consisting of 3 parts.


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