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Our physical well-being is essential to our happiness.

Our happiness is essential to having a good relationship with ourselves and others.

Make no mistake:

Our subconscious programming decides about well-being.

Modern science confirms that the cells in our Body, genes and DNA can be altered via our subconscious.

Yes, we can shape our Body and affect our physical health with our thoughts. And – in the same way – we can affect the health and looks of our loved ones.

When we are children, we are very sensitive to what is being said to us. Our subconscious works like a huge sponge in our formative years – acquiring ideas, beliefs and attitudes – and that programming affects us throughout our entire life.

In an article in the “Smithsonian” titled “A Molecular Code Links Emotions, Mind and Health”, Stephen S. Hall wrote: “The classic view of the body as three separate systems is challenged as research points the way to the new medicine of the 21st century. Some biologists believe we need to rethink some long-cherished principles, beginning with medicine’s traditional separation of the central nervous system (the seed of thought, memory and emotion) from the endocrine system (which secretes powerful hormones) and the immune system (which defends the body from microbial invasions.)”

When we are being born – the first thing we notice is our Body. It breathes, it moves – it works for us 24/7. Our Body is our most loyal, dedicated friend. If it fails us in any way – it is never its fault. Your Body believes what you say.

 The ancient cultures knew that and created a whole system of symbols to affect, inspire, and create the reality for themselves (usually via the pineal gland).

For centuries, successful and influential people have been using tools for reprogramming subconscious that have brought them extraordinary results.

Think of your Body kindly, and it will respond with Love.

Our Body is no accident or necessity. It is a privilege that we give ourselves.

However, we often forget this. We forget that each of us is unique, one in billions. That’s why we don’t notice the simple truth: EVERY BODY, regardless of its shape, weight, color or age, is beautiful – in its own unique way.

Yes, all of us have a preference for what we like the most. However, please keep in mind: these are ONLY preferences. And our preferences are mostly associated with current trends, or the way we have been programmed by our environment.

Preferences, just as trends, often change.

Nowadays, current trends are dictated by the fact that many corporations try to sell their products (pills for weight loss, cosmetic surgery, diets, programs etc.) The media and the fashion magazines reinforce such trends, imprinting them into our consciousness. Unfortunately, a lot of people, mainly women, buy such artificially induced fashions as the truth about their bodies and lose their self-esteem, believing that there is something wrong with them.

While current fashions push the overly skinny image on society – not everyone is naturally slim.

Many teenagers try to look like the supermodels, ruining their health and developing serious illnesses – while attempting to change the natural shape of their bodies.

Every natural Body is unique and beautiful: young, old, rounder or slim.

Why force our Bodies to become something else – often at the cost of our physical and emotional health?

Whatever we think of ourselves, the way we perceive ourselves in term of our health, strength, endurance or beauty – becomes the reality for our Body. 

When we look at other animals in nature (we humans are animals as well) – we realize that they perceive ALL Bodies as equally precious.

Imagine the reaction of a Bulldog – if you told him that he was too fat. Or picture a Greyhound’s response, if you told him he’s too skinny. If you told a Chihuahua dog that he’s too short, or a Great Dane that he is too tall – they’d probably roar from laughter for a week straight! 

All weight gain occuring due to cycles in our life, such as hormonal changes, aging process etc. – is absoulutely normal, natural.

Our Bodies often become rounder because of their nature. There is nothing to correct, all is the way it is supposed to be. On the other hand, if we become overweight or overly skinny because of neglecting our health – that, of course, needs to be addressed. It is important to treat your Body as your best friend: offer it gifts, such as vitamins, natural supplements, healthy, nourishing food, fresh air, proper exercise, clothes or jewelry that you find attractive – anything that makes you happy.

When we treat our Body in a caring, loving way, it will gain only as much weight as it is natural for its life cycles and it will age in a graceful, natural way.

However, if we treat it with resentment or lack of love – feeding it with stress, lack of appropriate sleep, food that wears it out instead of nourishing – it will, indeed, lose its natural joy of life and fail us. 

Our Bodies love life, and want us to love life. They are happy, when we are happy.

They help us to fulfill our dreams, achieve success and fill our life with happiness.

And, if we become ill – hey, that’s not a reason to stop loving our Bodies, denying ourselves the joy of life. Just as we love our dearest friends, no matter how they look – healthy or ill – let’s love our Bodies in sickness as well. 

REMEMBER ALSO: OUR SUBCONSCIOUS rules 90% of our thinking and behavior. It is responsible for our habits, emotions, automatic reactions, defensive mechanisms etc., which may keep us stuck in unwanted situations in life. You can reprogram your subconscious and get rid of the negative patterns stopping you from enjoying your healthy and youthful body. 

Johanna Kern, multiple award-winning author, filmmaker and transformational teacher has extensive experience in counseling people on health and emotional problems, relationships and family issues, life and career paths, and spirituality.

She recorded for you some MP3s and CDs to help you keep your Body in excellent shape: maintaining good health, appropriate weight, youthfulness and overall well-being. 

In the tracks of the recordings, she included some of the highly effective tools of the ancient Masters, such as messages and frequencies affecting your subconscious and pineal gland, subliminal messages helping you to dissolve your patterns, reprogramming your subconscious for health, appropriate weight and youthful Body.

She also included in the recordings the Solfeggio frequencies, which have been used for thousands of years, from overtone chanting from Central Asia, through Tibetan to Gregorian chants, among others.

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Our Bodies were designed to remain naturally beautiful, healthy and youthful, and we were meant to enjoy them that way during our entire lifetime. 

It is enough to relax, listen to this recording daily and observe the changes in your Body over the next weeks.  ENJOY!





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