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Johanna Kern’s article published in the September 2019 edition of “Conscious Shift Magazine” – an online magazine with thousands of readers across America. They are focused on the change happening in our world today.

Critical Mass of Our Evolution:

We are all part of One Beautiful Design

Johanna Kern

There is no thought, as there is no action that has gone by without creating a concrete result in the field of energy we all share.

What we think, what we believe, the way of reasoning we’ve gotten used to – all of it has a certain outcome and results in what kind of reality we create for ourselves and others. As our thoughts and actions are vibrations, they are subject to the Universal Laws for Matter. Three out of those laws are responsible for creating the Critical Mass of Our Evolution.

  1. The Law of Appearances:

Every action, or thought, has a beginning, which is called the “Launching Point”. The vibrations that are being used at the Launching Point, these thoughts or feelings are called “intentions”.

Expanded consciousness, altruism, and unconditional Love – that is, the “higher virtues” (in other words: the high-frequency vibrations) – have enormous power to change reality in the blink of an eye. They open the door for receiving the gift of “awakening”.

As long as we take part in the cycles of creation, generously sharing the Universe’s gifts, there always will be a continuous and never-ending abundance of light.

It is light, and not lack of light, that ensures comfort and safety.

The more light we share, the more light there is.

We can never run out of light when we share it.

  1. The Law of Chain Reaction:

All vibrations (including thoughts and actions) have cumulative tendencies. Vibrations work like magnets. They attract vibrations with similar frequencies and become clusters of vibrating waves.

Like attracts like.

You may observe that in your life as the “birds of a feather, flock together” phenomenon.

Think for instance of what you and your friends might have in common, whether it is a character trait or shared interests. You might be on the same wavelength so to speak. There is even an expression you might have heard, that some people have similar “vibes”.

To better understand the Law of Chain Reaction, think of the domino effect. Imagine that you have arranged the domino pieces in a way that when you push the first of them, its impact will affect the next one, and so on until all the pieces fall down. Every single action, or thought, causes a similar outcome as in the domino effect, creating a chain of reactions.

The cumulative characteristic of all vibrations determines the things you experience, or don’t experience in life.

However, anything that comes from fear, bitterness, desperation, disappointment, greed, pride, or ego drives is a low-frequency vibration, and will not result in any lasting or successful “manifestation” in the material world.

No fortune, career, or relationship built on desires of low-frequency vibrations can bring us happiness and let us enjoy a joyous and fulfilled life. People sooner or later either lose what they had gained, fall severely ill, or end up disappointed, bitter, alone, and forgotten. ONLY the higher frequency vibrations, such as pure intentions can bring about valuable and lasting things and create true happiness in life.

  1. The Law of Matrix and Volume:

The way we can learn about most things is through observing what kind of patterns have been made that we can read, analyze, and interpret. For instance: nobody ever has seen an atom or an electron, yet we know they exist and can draw pictures of them.

Patterns, and imprints – tell us not only how things (or particles) behave, but also what are their qualities. In other words: they tell us the history that can be read.

All of our thoughts and deeds leave imprints in the cosmic energy field.

They become the matrix, footprints, or molds for producing the results that reach those who cause them.

Like an echo, the results follow their source. And, just like an echo, they might be larger in volume than the original.

The echo may sometimes overwhelm you, or even knock you over when its volume has been enhanced by the Law of Chain Reaction. Some people say in such situations that somebody’s “karma has caught up with him/her”.

The Universal Laws have been designed to help us expand as the consciousness that we are and ensure the harmonious cycles of the Wheel of Creation.

We are all part of One Beautiful Design.

We are all connected, and all of us have a chance to grow and contribute to who we all can become. As soon as we fully understand this, we, as the consciousness that we are, keep expanding and perpetuating our existence, while creating more possibilities for the entire Design.

Our destiny is to evolve. However, our destiny responds to our free will. For each of us, it means either taking part in our global evolution or staying behind.

The Critical Mass of Our Evolution will help us achieve whatever we choose. 

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