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“P” like POWER

– Perceiving

– Permitting


1. Perceiving

Whether we believe it or not – what we think, we become. No other Power in the world has as profound an effect on our life journey as the Power of our own thoughts.

Here is how it works:

All of physics, as we know it, is based on quantum theory, which is in turn the basis of one-third of our economy and its products. Quantum mechanics has become the most precise physical theory, and it not only explains everything from how the stars and sunshine, to why objects appear to be hard, but also gives us everything from computer chips, transistors, and lasers to atomic bombs.

The two basic principles of quantum theory are:
1. Reality – is being created by an Observer.
2. Connectedness – any things that have ever interacted are forever connected, “entangled.”

What does it mean? 

It means that quantum theory confirms the knowledge of ancient teachings: the material world, which we perceive through our senses – does not exist. It is an illusion. 

What we see exists only in our, that is so-called observers’ brains, or more precisely in our minds, which sum up the experiences of our senses – giving us the illusion of “reality.” AND – connectedness means that we are all creating and co-creating our world not only for ourselves, but also for those with whom we are connected. That is all of nature, all of the universe, and people on the planet – because on the energy level, we are connected with all that is, one way or another.

We all are part of a big energy field that lets us create what we believe to be our “reality.”

Everything that exists – is simply energy. That includes all that is material, i.e. measurable by our senses AND all that we can only perceive: that is our thoughts, emotions, electrons (yes, nobody ever has seen or weighed an electron), etc.

All that exists, the energy, manifests itself through waves and vibrations. It means that everything, on the smallest scale – vibrates.

Imagine, for instance, radio waves: the frequency of their vibrations determines their quality, outreach, etc.

Now imagine that: our thoughts are like radio waves. All that we think has a particular vibration, and because of that – depending on the frequency of their vibrations – our thoughts have a certain quality and outreach. And that decides how our thinking affects the “reality” (the illusion) that we create and co-create, whether we are aware of it or not.

Once we acknowledge the Power of our thoughts as the true creators of our reality, we have the Power to create, live and enjoy the life we want – in any way we want. 

2. Permitting

What we experience in life depends on what we allow/permit to happen in our “reality.” And what we allow/permit to happen is based on how we perceive ourselves and the world we live in.

Our perception is deeply rooted in the way we have been programmed or have programmed ourselves, based on our experiences, beliefs, and – before all – what resonates with who we have become thus far.

For some of us – the world is a place existing on its own, in which we have no say and can’t control it in any way. Some perceive the world as a place that is hostile, full of the “others” whom they need to fight, or avoid, always ready to attack or defend themselves. For others, the world is a place that serves their ego, where they can fulfill their needs, whether materially or emotionally. Some people see the world as oneness, where everything is purposeful. Yet others, see it as a big unknown, where anything is possible.

Our vision of the world reflects our vision of ourselves.

Permitting is about letting yourself be who you want to be – not who you have been programmed to be. Your vision of yourself is not a fixed thing.

There are no two identical individuals or identical lives. Not only is each human being

unique. But also every animal, every plant, stone, grain of sand, a drop of water, or snowflake.

When we realize the beauty and importance of our existence – we naturally expand our vision of ourselves.

Appreciate, embrace, and respect who you have become. Only then you can give yourself permission to be who you want to be and to live the life you want to live.

3. Prospering

Fortunes come and fortunes go. Empires crash overnight. When we base our worth on what we own, or what we think we own – while it owns us –we often become enslaved by credits, mortgages, and possessions in excess. We don’t work and live for ourselves. We work for our possessions – and they become our master.

And what if we get sick, or the economy changes – and we can’t afford to keep the things we thought we needed to be happy? To have and enjoy material possessions is fun, and there is nothing wrong with it. But to let them control our lives – is an entirely different story. Things are only things. We are worth much more than all the things we own or want to own.

Our real value cannot be measured by all the things in the world.

Enjoy your stuff, but don’t pay for it with your life.

You deserve much more than just a pile of stuff.

You have the true Power over your own experience. Your Power is greater than that of your environment, employers, government, and anybody you know, or don’t know.

When you are looking for Power coming from your conditioning, whether social, religious, or shaped by personal feelings of worthlessness – you diminish your true powerful self.

To truly prosper in life is to live your life according to the vision of your Heart. The world according to your Heart, is the reality you truly want and need to create for yourself – if you want to remain happy, reach fulfillment, and continue to progress. The vision of your Heart is bigger than your vision of the world, and your vision of yourself.

* In the Master Teachings of HOPE, we use the word “Heart” to describe the core of our essence, our “pure inner person.” The part of us where we hold our own, beautiful truth, free of any conditioning and fears. 

To truly prosper in life – is to prosper in the endeavors of your Heart. Don’t be afraid. You and only you have the Power to accept or reject anything you want.

Your life is your own journey.

Only you can decide where and how you want to arrive.

Replace your Mind desires with your Heart-driven ones. Mind desires are Ego-driven and their only purpose is to fill the emptiness and escape the feeling of discomfort or anxiety.

Useful Affirmation:

“I am capable of changing the cycle of my thinking with ease. I can consciously emphasize my happiness and diminish my worries. I keep deepening my knowledge of myself. I can feel my inner Power rise and grow in strength. I know that I can do, feel and achieve more wonderful things than I can ever imagine!” – From the award-winning book “365 ( 1) Affirmations to Supercharge Your Life”, by Johanna Kern.


Detailed information about what is consciousness and the Wheel of Creation, how to achieve happiness, develop personal power and what are the ways to create/change our own reality can be found in the books by Johanna Kern: “Master and The Green-eyed Hope” (basic level), “Master Teachings of HOPE”  – Volume 1, (advanced level), “The Birth of a Soul” (advanced level), “Inner Shadow Transformation – the Banner Method” (advanced level). 

BOOKS by Johanna Kern

Books by Johanna Kern

In her book “Master Teachings of HOPE”  – Volume 1, Johanna Kern guides the readers through a specific program designed to expand your vision of yourself, sharpen your intuition and awake some of the dormant areas of your brain. The book also contains twelve never before published Inner Journeys, allowing the readers to discover their Own Truth, and train their brain for new ways of thinking. 

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Johanna Kern, transformational teacher and multiple award-winning author (“Master and the Green-Eyed Hope”, “The Birth of a Soul”, “Inner Shadow Transformation – The Banner Method”“Master Teachings of HOPE”, “365 (+ 1), Affirmations to Supercharge Your Life”, “Secrets of Love , Shadowland: The Legend), many years ago suddenly began to experience regular spontaneous trances in which she found herself in an ancient temple, where she was receiving the Teachings Of Hope from an ancient Master.

The Teachings Of Hope gave her answers to the most important questions occupying human minds for centuries and a new look at all that we hold as sacred – ourselves, our origins and purpose:

From what is the meaning of our existence, to how to achieve true Happiness, Success, Power, Abundance and Freedom from all limitations. From how our thoughts function in the field of energy that we all are a part of, to what is the meaning and nature of life, matter, spirit – and what really is the Wheel of Creation.

She shares her knowledge and helps people to find their own power and progress in all areas of their lives. Her books and audio recordings are available on this site, as well as on Amazon and other major online retailers around the world – in English, German and Polish languages.