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All of us want to live a happy and fulfilled life.

All of us want to stay healthy and live our life in comfort if not in wealth.

Why is it then that the life we want is often not the life we live?

Whatever is born in nature, unless injured or destroyed by some external forces, whatever they might be – develops and grows to thrive in its existence.

Why is it that we humans, being part of this magnificent, lavish nature – often live in misery and sorrow?

We will not talk about the topics that are obvious to all of us, such as wars, various forms of oppression, or those who destroy our planet, polluting our lands, waters, and air. We will not talk about what others do to our lives.

Let’s talk about what we do or not do with our lives instead.

All of us have our unique purpose on this planet. All of us are born to thrive and live with joy, becoming who we are meant to be and fulfilling our unique purpose.

Once we start living such a life, we truly succeed in life.

True success cannot be mistaken for anything else. All of us know exactly what we need, what truly fills us up with happiness, and what is in alignment with who we are deep down inside.

Once we overcome our subconscious fears, once we clean our subconscious from old programming imprinted in us by our caregivers, teachers, society, belief system, or the spirit of the times we live in – we become aware of our true nature, we can identify and create in our life what we need to live the life we truly want.

True success – unlike the false ideas of what success is supposed to be – brings us true happiness and by default takes away all the misery, stress, and sorrow we experience when we live the life we don’t want.

When we stay under the influence of our subconscious fears and programming, striving for what is not in alignment with who we are – there is no amount of money, not enough power in the world, not enough of anything that can make us happy.

We all know stories of some influential, powerful people who have been devoured by stress and unhappiness, constantly striving for more money, more fame, more power, more lovers, more this and that, and yet unable to reach the state of happiness. They are only creating more misery in their and other people’s lives.

  • True success brings happiness. False success brings misery.

  • True success is always aligned with who we truly are, and what is our true purpose. False success is only a temporary bandage for our misery.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having lots of money or power – as long as it is in alignment with who we are deep inside, and we cause no harm to others. However, striving for financial success is not important for all of us. Most people want to live a peaceful, healthy, and happy life in which they can express who they are in any way they want.

We have been programmed to believe that we need to strive for things that have been sold to us, labeled as happiness or success by those who either knowingly, or unknowingly, made us believe that we have to think and live in a certain way.

We have been programmed to believe that we are not good enough or not capable of living our life the way we want. And – some have benefited from us believing that.

In all of human history, you can find examples of how various societies have been and are programmed to live under the impression that people need to pay dues of any sort to either stay alive, healthy, safe, or be able to live a better life.

From generation to generation these limitations and subconscious programming have been passed down to make most of us imprisoned in the illusion of having to live the life we don’t want to live.

You have the power to say “enough” to all of this. You have the power to change your reality. You have the power to free yourself from all the limitations that work against you, not letting you live the life you want.

This is how our life looks like when we are living the life we want, and have achieved true success which is in alignment with who we are:

  •  We enjoy and appreciate our life and good fortune.

  •  We easily achieve goals aligned with our Own Truth.

  •  We clearly understand our worth for what it is: we know that we are a unique being living his/her unique life journey.

  •  We fulfill our purpose. There are no spare parts in the universe: each of us has a unique story to tell.

  •  We achieve and maintain the state of happiness, which is the state of mind letting us enjoy our life no matter what the circumstances.

  •  We see all circumstances for what they are: opportunities for our growth.

  •  We live our life consciously affecting and changing our reality, yet leaving enough room for life to surprise us with the unknown that we may enjoy.

  • We remain in good physical condition. If we fall ill for any reason, we are still capable of appreciating our life.

  •  We cause no harm to ourselves or others.

  •  We understand and appreciate the connection between all that exists. We see ourselves and everyone else as equally important, unique parts of one whole.

Because of how all of nature is designed so that every single being, whether it is a plant, an insect, an animal, a fish, a bird, or a human being – is unique – the purpose of each being is also unique. That means everything and everyone is equally important in the whole design.

Now imagine the vast abundance of life on our planet. Imagine all that has existed before you, all that exists right now, and all that will come into existence after you are gone.

All of that has been, is and always will be unique.

We can’t ever compare or expect two things to be the same.

Every single life is unique. It cannot be repeated, duplicated, or dismissed.

You deserve the best in the world, and it is time for you to receive it. Your true success is waiting for you.

All you need is to decide to reach for it. Get ready to step into the life you want to live.

  •  Begin with clearing your mind, and continue with clearing your subconscious patterns to change your internal beliefs about yourself, and what you can achieve in life.

REMEMBER: OUR SUBCONSCIOUS rules 90% of our thinking and behavior. It is responsible for our habits, emotions, automatic reactions, defensive mechanisms, etc., which may keep you stuck in unwanted situations in life. You can reprogram your subconscious and get rid of the negative patterns stopping you from Living The Life You Want.

Your life is your own journey.

Its distance is measured by the beauty of your Heart.

* In the Teachings of Hope, we use the word Heart to describe our pure inner being – free from any limitations, fears, or imprinted negative patterns.

NOTE: The above article is based on a fragment from one of the 9 weekly radio shows “The Life You Want is Yours – with Johanna Kern”, aired on British Islanders Radio.

Listen to the whole show in the archives (9th SHOW: MARCH 6, 2016):

Useful Affirmation:

“I compare myself only to my highest self. I acknowledge others as the unique beings they are. I acknowledge myself as the unique being I am. I know that nobody knows the whole story of anybody else. Their story and my story are two different ones. I am building my own success according to my own story.”– From the award-winning book “365 (+1) Affirmations to Supercharge Your Life” by Johanna Kern.


Attract wealth, increase prosperity, and build a healthy relationship with money – MP3 for reprogramming our subconscious

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Attract the right people and circumstances, increase and activate your self-confidence – MP3 reprogramming our subconscious

This extraordinary award-winning book is based on the secret knowledge of ancient masters who possessed the ability to shape reality to their wishes

This extraordinary award-winning book is based on the secret knowledge of ancient masters who possessed the ability to shape reality to their wishes


Johanna Kern, transformational teacher and multiple award-winning author (“Master and the Green-Eyed Hope”, “The Birth of a Soul”, Master Teachings of HOPE”“365 ( 1 +) Affirmations to Supercharge Your Life”, “Inner Shadow Transformation – The Banner Method”, “Secrets of Love”, Shadowland: The Legend), many years ago suddenly began to experience regular spontaneous trances in which she found herself in an ancient temple, where she was receiving the Teachings Of Hope from an ancient Master.

Her story received international attention, winning praise by readers in North America and Europe, and endorsement by world-renowned experts in the fields of psychology, the study of dreams & hypnosis, psychophysiology, parapsychology, psi, human development, neuro-computing etc.: Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Jerry Solfvin, PhD. and Brian Van der Horst.

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Books and MP3s by Johanna Kern

Books and MP3s by Johanna Kern