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When it comes to our life, there is no problem that cannot be solved.

Regardless of what is our biggest issue in life, we need to remember that we are not the only person in the world with such a problem. Yes, sometimes we feel overwhelmed, and may even collapse under the stress/pressure – BUT – we can collect ourselves and find something positive in any situation.

For example, we may learn something very important and useful for the future, or we may realize that, indeed, “what doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger”. Overcoming obstacles helps us gain life wisdom, increasing our ability to achieve our goals.

The human brain finds interesting solutions for its problems: often when some parts of the brain are damaged, for any reason – the other parts of the brain take over the functions of the damaged parts. Why not use a similar idea in our life: if something doesn’t work the way we want – we can focus on something else and find beauty elsewhere, in another aspect of life.

We may sometimes go through difficult times, but there is always a possibility for change.

There is a wonderful man traveling the world: he has no arms and no legs. Crowds of people from many different countries come to listen to him talk about happiness and the beauty of life. He found a way of turning his disability into true power. No, not everyone needs to “expose” his or her weakness or otherness on the public stage. But everyone can find what will give him/her happiness in life.

It is never too late. Never.


Life is not a race or contest where we need to prove who is the fastest, richest, or smartest.

Life is an opportunity to progress as much as possible, and to find beauty and happiness in living. When we become aware of that, the whole world changes its colors. 


The way we think affects our own life and the lives of others. It does. It isn’t just a statement, an opinion, or a belief. What we focus on, the amount of our attention, the energy we spend perpetuating in our mind particular thoughts – all of it brings particular results.

This is how it works:

  • All of physics, as we know it, is based on quantum theory, which is, in turn, the basis of one-third of our economy and its products. Quantum mechanics has become the most precise physical theory, and it not only explains everything from how the stars and sun shine, to why objects appear to be hard – but also gives us everything from computer chips, transistors, and lasers to atomic bombs.

The two basic principles of quantum theory are:
1. Reality – is being created by an Observer.
2. Connectedness – any things that have ever interacted are forever connected, “entangled.”

What does it mean?

It means that quantum theory confirms the knowledge of the ancient teachings: the material/physical world, which we perceive through our senses – does not exist. It is an illusion. What we see exists only in our, that is so-called observers’ brains, or more precisely in our minds, which sum up the experiences of our senses – giving us the illusion of “reality”. AND – connectedness means that we are all creating and co-creating our world not only for ourselves but also for those with whom we are connected. That is all of nature, all of the universe, and people on the planet – because on the energy level, we are connected with all that is, one way or another.

  • We all are part of a big energy field that lets us create what we believe to be our “reality”.

  • Everything that exists – is simply energy. That includes all that is material, i.e. measurable by our senses AND all that we can only perceive: that is our thoughts, emotions, electrons (yes, nobody ever has seen or weighed an electron), etc.

All that exists, the energy, manifests itself through waves and vibrations. It means that everything, on the smallest scale – vibrates.

Imagine, for instance, radio waves:

the frequency of their vibrations determines their quality, outreach, etc. Now imagine that: our thoughts are like radio waves. All that we think has a particular vibration, and because of that – depending on the frequency of their vibrations – our thoughts have a certain quality and outreach. And that decides how our thinking affects the “reality” (the illusion) that we create and co-create, whether we are aware of it or not.

  • For some of us – the world is a place existing on its own, in which we have no say and can’t control it in any way.

  • Some people perceive the world as a place that is hostile, full of the “others” whom they need to fight, or avoid, always ready to attack or defend themselves.

  • For others, the world is a place that serves their Ego, where they can fulfill their needs, whether materially or emotionally.

  • Some people see the world as oneness, where everything is purposeful.

  • Yet others see it as a big unknown, where anything is possible.

How would you describe your life: does it happen to you, despite you, against you, for you, or with you?

  • Whichever answer you find within – it will tell you where you are at this moment. That’s all. There is no right or wrong in any of these. It is only the reflection of who you presently are.

It will also tell you whether what you think of the world is following your deeper, inner Truth. If the way you live your life maintains your happiness, if there is nothing you need to change to find fulfillment – then you live your life according to the vision of your Heart.

* In The Master Teachings of HOPE we use the word “Heart” to describe the core of your essence, your “pure inner person”. The part of you where you hold your Own Truth, free of any conditioning and fears.

Can positive thinking help solve problems that are hard to solve?

Let’s take this for example: many people on our planet suffer from hunger, and we often have tears in our eyes while hearing news about starving children in impoverished parts of the world.

The truth is that there is enough food on the planet for all of us. We have an abundance of food, and we have an abundance of resources.

 The fact is that the basic reason for the lack of food for the poor derives directly from the inner fears (or so-called subconscious shadows) controlling the behavior of some of the influential people who run the corporations depleting our planet of its resources, and destroying our environment. For the sake of acquiring more money (which for them represents power, and thus they delude themselves that money will protect them from their inner fears) their actions become selfish and/or harmful – for instance, deliberately sinking huge grain cargos to keep the higher prices on the market, instead of feeding the hungry.

If these unfortunate, fear-driven people were willing to learn how to get rid of their inner fears – and change their fearful thoughts into positive thinking – they wouldn’t be drowning food, and that may contribute to resolving world hunger.

Big steps consist of many small steps.

  • Positive thinking can move mountains. Positive thinking has helped millions of people to liberate themselves from slavery, defend against invaders/occupiers, or survive in concentration camps. They believed in a better tomorrow, and it has become their reality.

  • Changing our life situation, finding a better job, creating a wonderful relationship with our loved one – all of this begins with the first step.

  • The first step is to change the way we think. When we fail at something – let us remember that we can get up and try again. We can do it.

We know how to use our minds, and we can look inside our hearts.

We know how to be strong, courageous, and wise.

We know how to be humans in the most beautiful way.

REMEMBER ALSO: OUR SUBCONSCIOUS rules 90% of our thinking and behavior. It is responsible for our habits, emotions, automatic reactions, defensive mechanisms, etc., which may keep you stuck in unwanted situations in life. You can reprogram your subconscious and get rid of the negative patterns stopping you from Living The Life You Want.

Useful Affirmation:

“I do not get discouraged by any build-up of delays, setbacks, and obstacles. I understand that I might be going through the necessary self-healing process, which prepares me for the next step on my journey to a Better Life. I do not give up in such moments – but celebrate the good luck, success, and happiness of others.” – From the award-winning book “365 (+1) Affirmations to Supercharge Your Life” by Johanna Kern.


Attract wealth, increase prosperity, and build a healthy relationship with money – MP3 for reprogramming our subconscious

Attract the right people and circumstances, increase and activate your self-confidence - MP3 reprogramming subconscious

Attract the right people and circumstances, increase and activate your self-confidence – MP3 reprogramming our subconscious

This extraordinary award-winning book is based on the secret knowledge of ancient masters who possessed the ability to shape reality to their wishes

This extraordinary award-winning book is based on the secret knowledge of ancient masters who possessed the ability to shape reality to their wishes


Johanna Kern, transformational teacher and multiple award-winning author (“Master and the Green-Eyed Hope”, “The Birth of a Soul”, Master Teachings of HOPE”“365 ( 1 +) Affirmations to Supercharge Your Life”, “Inner Shadow Transformation – The Banner Method”, “Secrets of Love”, Shadowland: The Legend), many years ago suddenly began to experience regular spontaneous trances in which she found herself in an ancient temple, where she was receiving the Teachings Of Hope from an ancient Master.

Her story received international attention, winning praise by readers in North America and Europe, and endorsement by world-renowned experts in the fields of psychology, the study of dreams & hypnosis, psychophysiology, parapsychology, psi, human development, neuro-computing etc.: Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Jerry Solfvin, PhD. and Brian Van der Horst.

She shares her knowledge and helps people to find their own power and progress in all areas of their lives. Her books and audio recordings are available on this site, as well as on Amazon and other major online retailers around the world – in English, German and Polish languages.

Books and MP3s by Johanna Kern

Books and MP3s by Johanna Kern